6 Best Budget Mechanical Keyboards

6 Best Budget Mechanical Keyboards

Switching to a mechanical keyboard can be a significant upgrade if you’ve always used a membrane keyboard. It offers a better typing experience, lighter keystrokes, and the ability to customize switches. You may worry about the cost, but it’s actually affordable.

6 Best Budget Mechanical Keyboards

Several affordable mechanical keyboards are available for those on a tight budget. Starting with an affordable mechanical keyboard before making a big purchase is a smart move if you want to experience what your friends have been bragging about. We have compiled a list of the best budget mechanical keyboards.

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Now, onto the mechanical keyboards themselves.

1. Redragon K552

6 Best Budget Mechanical Keyboards

Redragon K552

The Redragron keyboard is primarily designed for gamers, making it ideal for gaming enthusiasts. It features RGB backlighting and a Ten-Key Less layout with Outemu red switches. These switches are faster for gaming purposes and have a quieter operation.

This gaming mechanical keyboard is perfect for budget-conscious gamers. It has a Ten-Key Less layout, meaning it lacks dedicated number pad keys. The Redgrahon K552 utilizes Outemu’s linear mechanical red switches.

Red linear switches are easier to press and actuate, which gamers prefer. If you don’t play games much, you may choose the same keyboard with blue switches, which are clicky but noisy in an office. You can opt for Brown switches, which bring you the best of blue and red switches, without being too loud. The K552 keyboard also has anti-ghosting capabilities to register each key when multiple keys are pressed together, making it an ideal beginner mechanical keyboard for gamers.

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2. Motospeed 60% Keyboard

6 Best Budget Mechanical Keyboards

Motospeed 60% Keyboard

The previous option had a TKL layout but this Motospeed keyboard has a 60% layout – a smaller keyboard that takes less desk space. It has 61 keys and no dedicated function row or arrow keys. However, it’s also a Bluetooth keyboard that can be used with other devices.

A compact keyboard may not be suitable for everyone as it lacks certain keys that may be important. Nevertheless, the 60% form factor makes it highly portable and easy to carry. If you work in cafes or have a small desk, a mechanical keyboard with this layout is a great choice.

Bluetooth connectivity makes this keyboard versatile for use with phones and tablets. It charges via a USB-C cable. Like most keyboards in this price range, it emits a gamer vibe with RGB backlights. You can choose either the quick red mechanical switches for gamers or the blue mechanical switches for more audible clicky feedback when typing.

3. Havit Mechanical Keyboard

6 Best Budget Mechanical Keyboards

Havit Mechanical Keyboard

Not everyone likes the typical gamer accent. If you’re one of them, this keyboard is perfect for you. The Havit mechanical keyboard has a unique look with colored keycaps. It includes a numpad with Jixian-made red mechanical switches.

Aesthetics is a key factor for many when buying a keyboard. This Havit keyboard stands out in both the available colorways. The black and orange combo is nice, but our favorite is the white and colorful keys combination.

This keyboard has 89 keys, similar to TKL. However, it also has a dedicated number pad above the arrow keys cluster. It’s a good option for those who want a full-size keyboard in a compact form. It may take some getting used to.

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4. Royal Kludge RK61

6 Best Budget Mechanical Keyboards

Royal Kludge RK61

Royal Kludge is a well-known brand in the mechanical keyboards industry. The RK61 has a 61-key standard layout, removing the number pad, function row, and arrow keys. One unique selling point of this keyboard is its hot-swappable feature, allowing for easy switch changes.

If you’re interested in customizing and modifying mechanical keyboards, the RK61 is your best choice. It’s a wired keyboard with RGB backlighting, available in red, brown, and blue mechanical switch options. You can select the variant that suits your needs. Aside from these features, the hot-swappable board is a significant advantage. The mechanical switches are not soldered to the motherboard, so you can easily replace them with other switches.

The RK61 keyboard allows you to test and select the mechanical switches that best meet your needs. This is beneficial when you prefer to try a variety of switches on an actual keyboard rather than individually pressing each one.

5. Velocifore TKL Keyboard

6 Best Budget Mechanical Keyboards

Velocifire TKL Keyboard

Looking for a wireless keyboard without compromising on the layout? This Velocifire keyboard has you covered. It’s a budget-oriented option with a TKL layout, meaning all essential keys except the numpad. Plus, it has a sleek, stealthy design.

This wireless mechanical keyboard is perfect for those who want a convenient, wire-free option. It’s especially useful for laptop users. With its sleek black keys and white backlight, it combines style with functionality.

Like most keyboards on this list, there are options for switches: Blue, Red, and Brown. While the keyboard is wireless, it doesn’t connect via Bluetooth. Instead, it uses a USB dongle that connects to your computer and operates on the 2.4GHz frequency band.

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6. Royal Kludge RK68

6 Best Budget Mechanical Keyboards

Royal Kludge RK68

If arrow keys are important to you, the Royal Kludge RK68 is a fitting choice. With a 65% layout, this keyboard offers RGB LEDs and hot-swappable support.

The RK68 has the same features as the RK61, but with a slightly larger form factor. This means you get dedicated arrow keys, which can be useful for applications like Microsoft Excel. You can choose between red, blue, or brown mechanical switches to start with and easily replace them later thanks to the hot-swappable feature.

This option is ideal for anyone seeking entry into the mechanical keyboard realm who also desires dedicated arrow keys. However, you will still lack a dedicated row of function keys.

Type Your Heart Out

Choose the mechanical keyboard that best suits your needs in terms of usage, appearance, features, and switches. A mechanical keyboard is guaranteed to enhance your typing experience, especially during prolonged typing sessions.

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