6 Best Automatic Pet Feeders for Cats and Dogs

6 Best Automatic Pet Feeders for Cats and Dogs

Pets are a great source of positive energy and entertainment. You can play and care for them when you’re around. However, if you can’t be present, your pet’s eating habits may suffer. To address this issue, we’ve compiled a list of the best automatic pet feeders available.

6 Best Automatic Pet Feeders for Cats and Dogs

A smart pet feeder automatically dispenses food at regular intervals, allowing your pets to eat whenever they want, even when you’re not at home. There are various types of automatic feeders for cats and dogs, ranging from simple ones with timers to sophisticated ones with cameras. We’ve compiled a list of these feeders to meet everyone’s needs.

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1. Best Manual Food Dispenser: VaygWay Pet Feeder and Waterer

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Breed Recommendation: Small breeds

Bowl Material: Non-toxic plastic”

6 Best Automatic Pet Feeders for Cats and Dogs

VaygWay Pet Feeder and Waterer

VaygWag Pet Feeder and Waterer prioritizes convenience with its easy-to-use and easy-to-clean design. This feeder does not require electricity or batteries but still comes with a self-dispensing feature. Made of premium materials, the dispenser ensures food safety.

The VaygWay Pet Feeder is built with non-toxic plastic to protect against any plastic leeching into your pet’s food. In addition to safety, the self-dispensing feature enhances user convenience and your pet’s access to food.

The smart aspect of this pet feeder is its self-dispensing property. However, users in the reviews section mentioned that it doesn’t always dispense food as stated, requiring manual digging out of the dish sometimes. Additionally, some consumers found it to be too small for big dogs.

On a positive note, users reported that this feeder is sturdy, preventing it from being knocked over during playtime.

2. Best Pet Feeder for Small Breeds: Seven Lady Automatic Dog Feeder With Timer

Capacity: 3.5L

Breed Recommendation: Small breeds

Bowl Material: Food-grade steel

6 Best Automatic Pet Feeders for Cats and Dogs

Seven Lady Automatic Dog Feeder With Timer

In contrast to the VaygWay pet feeder, the Seven Lady automatic feeder with a timer is a truly self-dispensing device. It operates on a USB-C adapter and delivers your pet’s meals at predetermined intervals. Interestingly, it can also run on AA batteries in case of a power outage.

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The unique selling point of this product is its automatic food dispensation. With four keys on the Seven Lady Automatic dog feeder, you can schedule meal timings and portions for your pet.

It should be noted that some reviews mention initial confusion when it comes to scheduling meals and setting the timer. However, users have trusted the product after overcoming these issues. Additionally, some users have reported that their gluttonous pets managed to rip the feeder’s lid off, so caution is advised.

Don’t worry about Seven Lady following VaygWay’s lead in self-dispensation. This product has an anti-clog feature. With this automatic pet feeder, you can go on your trip or work your 9-5 without worrying about your furry friend’s hunger. Some users say it’s one of the best budget automatic cat feeders.

3. Best for Customization: Petlibro Automatic Pet Feeder

Capacity: 6L

Breed Recommendation: Medium-sized breeds

Bowl Material: Stainless steel

6 Best Automatic Pet Feeders for Cats and Dogs

Petlibro Automatic Pet Feeder

Customization is a key feature of the Petlibro Automatic Feeder. It allows for personalized meal scheduling and comes with an easy-to-use LCD interface. Additionally, users can create customized voice recordings, making this product a suitable replacement when they are not available.

Feeding your pet is a personal task. However, if you are unable to be present during mealtime, the Petlibro feeder offers a unique solution. It allows for custom recordings, so even when you are away, your pet can hear your voice while it is being fed.

In order to prevent your pet from accessing the food reservoir, the Petlibro feeder includes a lock lid system. It also incorporates anti-clogging technology and has dual power features, keeping up with the latest trends set by the Seven Lady feeder.

4. Best Pet Feeder for Two Pets: Petlibro Automatic Dual Pet Feeder

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6 Best Automatic Pet Feeders for Cats and Dogs

Petlibro Automatic Dual Pet Feeder

When you have two pets, a battle for food is inevitable. The Petlibro automatic pet feeder provides two meal bowls. To prevent your pet from gaining weight, an infrared sensor in the food outlet stops the flow if it’s blocked. Petlibro’s Automatic Pet Feeder keeps the food fresh and crunchy with technology that includes a desiccant bag, sealing strip, and patented rotor. This pet feeder also allows you to schedule your pet’s meals using an easy-to-use LED panel.

Interestingly, this product offers flexible portion sizing. You can distribute food equally in both bowls or adjust the food quantities to match your pet’s appetite.

Users have expressed satisfaction with the Petlibro Automatic Pet Feeder, praising its effectiveness in feeding multiple cats. It is undoubtedly the best automatic feeder for multiple cats and dogs.

5. Best Feeder With Camera: Wansview 4L Smart Feeding Solution

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  • Capacity: 4L
  • Breed Recommendation: Any breed size
  • Bowl Material: Stainless steel

6 Best Automatic Pet Feeders for Cats and Dogs

Wansview 4L Smart Feeding Solution

Watching the young ones enjoy their treats is a delightful sight. If your schedule or travels prevent you from witnessing this adorable moment, the Wansview smart feeder’s 2K camera allows you to remotely monitor your pet’s feeding activities through a dedicated app.

The Wansview Cloud app is exclusively designed for Wansview pet feeders. From remote access to your pet’s meals to timely notifications about their feeding activity, the app alleviates your concerns about your furry friend’s well-being while you’re away.

Nevertheless, some users have reported that the night vision captured by the feeder’s 2K camera is blurry. The camera also enables two-way voice interaction, allowing you to call your pet’s name and communicate with them through the dispenser – a convenient feature.

Thanks to its fancy features, the Wansview pet feeder is one of the highest-rated products on this list. Users are satisfied with its functioning and haven’t reported any significant issues. If you want the added benefits of the camera, the Wansview dispenser is the best automatic dog feeder for keeping an eye on your pet while you’re away.

6. Best Food Dispenser to Control Portion Size: PortionPro Rx Meal Scheduler

Capacity: 3.8L

Breed Recommendation: Any breed size

Bowl Material: Pet-safe plastic

6 Best Automatic Pet Feeders for Cats and Dogs

PortionPro Rx Meal Scheduler

The PortionPro Rx meal scheduler is designed for multiple pets, despite having a single bowl. This is achieved through the use of RFID tags, which also helps prevent obesity caused by overeating. The feeder comes with multiple tags that can be attached to your pets’ collars. By programming the feeder to dispense a specified amount of food when it detects a specific tag, you can ensure that each pet receives the right portion. For example, if your dog with a blue tag approaches the machine every 4 hours, the feeder will dispense an appropriate amount of food.

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If your dog with a red tag goes near the machine at this time, no food will be dispensed. This smart feature has been implemented well as per reviews. Since you can set the time frame for food, your pet cannot have multiple meals at once, preventing obesity.

Thanks to the smart features, the PortionPro Rx meal scheduler will cost a good amount of money. However, it’s important to understand that the patented technology used is expensive. If you need the RFID tag feature, the product is well worth it.

FAQs for Automatic Pet Feeders

1. Are automatic pet feeders safe?

All the pet feeders on this list have food-grade plastic or steel bowls. These materials are safe for your pet. You can also set timers to prevent overeating.

2. Do automatic pet feeders serve the right proportion of food?

Some feeders allow you to set the food proportion for your pets. This gives you control over the serving since you know what is best for your friend.

3. What type of food can automatic pet feeders dispense?

All the smart pet feeders mentioned above can only dispense dry food. You cannot use wet food with these feeders.

Keep Hunger Pangs at Bay

If you have a busy schedule or travel often, an automatic pet feeder is a must-have. It ensures that your pets are fed promptly, even when you’re not home. This keeps them healthy and satisfied, while providing you with peace of mind.

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