6 Best Apple AirPods Pro Clear Cases for You

6 Best Apple AirPods Pro Clear Cases for You

The best use-case scenario of a clear case for the Apple AirPods Pro is to showcase the device’s true color while providing protection against scratches and abrasions. These cases are also slim, maintaining the AirPods Pro’s original appearance. Furthermore, if you have engraved the front of the case, these cases enhance visibility. However, there are many clear cases available in the market, so we have curated a list of the top-rated options for the AirPods Pro in this post.

1. ESR Protective Carrying Case

6 Best Apple AirPods Pro Clear Cases for You

ESR Protective Carrying Case

ESR is gaining popularity in creating excellent cases, and the ESR Protective Carrying Case for the AirPods Pro is no exception. This clear case fits perfectly and has grooves at the front for a better grip. It also comes with a carabiner for added convenience.

In addition to the default clear cover, there are colored options available. For example, if you have a green iPhone, the Clear Green case would be a perfect match.

Thanks to its slim profile, charging your earphones is a breeze.

2. Satlitog Protective Silicone Cover

6 Best Apple AirPods Pro Clear Cases for You

Satlitog Protective Silicone Cover

The Satlitog case stands out for a few reasons. Firstly, it is a one-piece case, so there’s no need to worry about losing the top cover. Additionally, it includes a handy port cover to keep your AirPods Pro case clean. It also offers a good grip, a non-slip surface, and a snug fit. Many users have praised its fit and durability, and it even features a D-hook that can be attached to your belt loops or keychain. Furthermore, the case allows the LED light to remain visible. While there is a slight bulk between the lid and the body, there are several other available colors.

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3. ATUAT Protective Silicone Cover

6 Best Apple AirPods Pro Clear Cases for You

ATUAT Protective Silicone Cover

Another practical and transparent case is the one by ATUAT. It’s a one-piece case with a great fit and is easy to install. Like its counterpart above, it also has a neat port cover. The makers claim that it’s 2.5mm thick and doesn’t add much volume to the AirPods Pro case’s overall look.

If you’re prone to losing or forgetting your belongings, the keychain helps with that. All you need to do is loop it into your bag.

In terms of durability and fit, the ATUAT case ranks above most competitors.

4. Kocuos Translucent Matte Case

6 Best Apple AirPods Pro Clear Cases for You

Kocuos Translucent Matte Case

If you’re searching for a durable and translucent case for your Apple AirPods Pro, the Kocuos case is a must-buy. The crux of this case is its smooth rubber coating, which gives it a soft touch. It’s a two-piece case, so you don’t have to worry about bulk near the hinge.

Despite being a two-piece case, the top doesn’t come off, a feature that many reviewers on Amazon have praised.

Additionally, it has a solid build and offers a tight fit. For drop protection, the soft silicone and hard material combine to absorb the impact of falls and drops.

Using quality material prevents the attraction of lint and dust particles. However, the downside is that the pairing button is inaccessible when the case is on.

5. ChillNChic Hard Plastic Clear Mickey Mouse Case

6 Best Apple AirPods Pro Clear Cases for You

ChillNChic Hard Plastic Clear Mickey Mouse Case

Disney fans will love the clear case by ChillNChic. It has a minimalistic design with an adorable illustration of Mickey Mouse. The case is clear, allowing you to see the notification LED light. It is made of hard plastic to keep it in good condition. Please note that it does not come with a port cover, which can lead to debris getting inside. On the bright side, it has a snug and tight fit. The ChillNChic Hard Plastic Clear case also comes in two other designs: Peanut & Snoopy and Minnie Mouse.

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6. Valkit Shockproof Cover with Keychain

6 Best Apple AirPods Pro Clear Cases for You

Valkit Shockproof Cover with Keychain

If you prefer a neat illustration, the Valkit Shockproof Covers are perfect. This clear case features cool and trendy graphic art with witty typography. You can choose between a space-themed or a superhero one. This two-piece case fits snugly, with the top piece opening and closing easily.

Most importantly, the top stays on and doesn’t fall off easily. And like the other cases on this list, you can hook on a carabiner.

Transparency is also great.

7. Kingxbar 4-in-1 Soft TPU Case

6 Best Apple AirPods Pro Clear Cases for You

Kingxbar 4-in-1 Soft TPU Case

If you find the plain white look dull, why not add some color? The Kingxbar AirPods Pro case is available in various prints that not only enhance its appearance but also protect it from scratches. Additionally, it comes with a dust guard and an anti-lost strap. Although it looks like a soft silicone case, it is actually made of hard plastic for better drop-protection. The print quality is good and long-lasting. Don’t worry about the prints obstructing the LED notification light, as it remains visible.

Do I need to mention that the prints are adorable? I particularly liked the one with the flamingo print. How about you?

Let the Light Shine Bright

Your new AirPods Pro can shine through in all their glory with a clear case. However, clear cases don’t provide 360° protection; their main purpose is to maintain the case’s pleasing aesthetics. No one wants to carry around a scratched case, after all.

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