5 Tips to Improve Sound Quality in Android Without Root

5 Tips to Improve Sound Quality in Android Without Root

Getting your hands on songs and videos is easy with the number of music apps available these days. However, we often neglect the sound settings, leading to songs of mediocre quality.

5 Tips to Improve Sound Quality in Android Without Root

As with many improvement hacks, a significant portion of the sound modes are only available for rooted devices. However, non-rooted phones have also advanced significantly in recent years and offer hacks to quickly enhance sound quality in Android phones. Here are a couple of tricks to help you achieve the same.

1. Get a Good Equalizer App

The key to a good audio experience in Android is a sound equalizer app. Music and video apps often lack advanced control over bass and treble. The Equalizer & Bass Booster app solves this issue with its global equalizer and sound modulator, which can enhance any song on your phone. Its best feature is the 5 band equalizer with bass boost and virtualizer. The virtualizer enables surround sound, improving sound quality.

2. Enable Mono Audio For Headphones

If you frequently listen to songs on headphones, you may have noticed the difference in volume and quality when you unplug one earbud. This can be disappointing when you need to be attentive without sacrificing sound quality.

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5 Tips to Improve Sound Quality in Android Without Root

Android Nougat offers a convenient feature that allows you to play music simultaneously in both earbuds, maximizing the audio experience. This option can be found in the Accessibility settings, where you can easily toggle the Mono audio playback setting to On.

3. Stream Songs in High Quality

Since the rise of apps like Spotify and Google Play Music, many users have shifted to online streaming instead of downloading songs. While there are advantages and disadvantages to both methods, online streaming often falls short in terms of audio quality.

5 Tips to Improve Sound Quality in Android Without Root5 Tips to Improve Sound Quality in Android Without Root

Most popular music streaming apps such as Spotify, Google Music, and Gaana have a default streaming quality of “Automatic.” At approximately 160 kbps, this setting provides decent song quality. Depending on your cellular plan and the specific app, you can adjust the quality to “Normal,” “High,” or “Extreme High.” Switching to the higher settings will enhance the sound experience with more richness, beats, and bass.

4. Use a High-Quality Audio Format

In the previous tip, we mentioned how to maximize the benefits of online streaming apps. However, if you prefer offline songs, aim for higher bit rates when acquiring music. For MP3 files, consider the 320 kbps format. If you’re a passionate music lover with high-quality headphones, you can choose lossless audio codecs like FLAC or OGG. Additionally, if your phone’s default music player doesn’t support these codecs, explore alternative music apps.

5. Is Your Case Blocking Sound?

Not every phone has the speaker at the bottom. Some, like the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017), have it at the edge. This allows the sound to flow freely instead of being muffled by hands. However, an ill-fitting case may block the sound. So, when you buy a phone cover, make sure the speaker grills are free.

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5 Tips to Improve Sound Quality in Android Without Root

Invest in quality earphones for optimal sound quality, ensuring they have the correct frequency response and foam ear tips.

That’s a Wrap!

Given music often helps attain zen by tuning out worries, one should know hacks to improve the default sound quality of an Android handset. What tricks do you use to boost audio quality?

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