5 Reasons to Search the Web Using DuckDuckGo

5 Reasons to Search the Web Using DuckDuckGo

Without thinking about Google is almost akin to blasphemy. It dominates search like anything.

Ask a normal everyday web user and he wouldn’t know anything other than Google to search the web with.

Although Google has worked really well all these years in terms of directing us to the information we seek, it has had a few rocky and tumbling months lately in terms of user trust and confidence.

Now is the right time to check out some new players on the block, like this search engine you might have never heard of – DuckDuckGo.

DuckDuckGo is a popular web search engine because it offers the features that people desire from Google. Here are 5 compelling reasons to switch from the world’s favorite search engine.

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1. Privacy

DuckDuckGo’s primary advantage is its privacy policy. It does not collect or share personal information and does not create search records. Consequently, your search activities cannot be traced back to you.

In contrast, Google collects and retains all search history, even if you’re not signed in or browsing anonymously. This includes your computer’s IP data.

Though this may not concern most users, it is worth pondering the implications. The information you search for on the internet can reveal a lot about you. Consider the privacy implications carefully.

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2. Clutter Free With No Ads

Before we compare search results for a search term in Google and DuckDuckGo, let’s consider the following text.

5 Reasons to Search the Web Using DuckDuckGo5 Reasons to Search the Web Using DuckDuckGo

Compared to Google, DuckDuckGo searches are clean and ad-free. Recently, Google’s search result pages have seen an increase in ads. They have also started including Google+ results in the search, which has upset many users.

DuckDuckGo provides you with what is helpful to you, instead of what benefits their own interests. It remains to be seen how long they can maintain this approach, but so far, it has been good.

Zero-click Info is a DuckDuckGo feature that summarizes search results and provides a consolidated answer at the top. This information is fetched from reputable sources like Wikipedia, Crunchbase, and The Free Dictionary.

5 Reasons to Search the Web Using DuckDuckGo

Zero-Click Info is useful when you want a quick meaning. After reading the summary, you might not need to open a link.

4. !Bang

The !Bang feature in DuckDuckGo allows you to directly search numerous well-known sites. Next to the search button, there’s a small arrow to choose from popular websites.

5 Reasons to Search the Web Using DuckDuckGo

If the website is not available, you can use !GT and then the search query to translate the text using Google Translate. You can find a list of all !bang commands on the DuckDuckGo bang page.

3 out of 10 times, a person does not navigate to the 2nd page of Google’s results. On average, if an individual does not find what they’re looking for on the first page, they change the search query. DuckDuckGo, however, does not have the concept of pages.

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All the search results on DuckDuckGo are listed continuously, and as long as you keep scrolling, these results will keep showing up on the same page.

Is it Better Than Google?

I haven’t had much time to test DuckDuckGo, but it is safe to assume that it is not as vast or accurate as Google in terms of search results. Google’s index and algorithm are superior, so completely switching from Google to DuckDuckGo may not be feasible. However, some of DuckDuckGo’s features are appealing to many search users. They may find it useful as a secondary tool to try out occasionally.

What are your thoughts on this new search engine? Have you tried it yet?

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