5 Online Alternative to PowerPoint That Work

5 Online Alternative to PowerPoint That Work

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most feature-rich presentation tool and widely used, but it has a high price tag. If you want a free or affordable alternative that’s online and gets the job done, there are some nice options available. These alternatives may not have all the features of PowerPoint, but they should be sufficient for most users. Note: All the following options are web based, so no software to download!

1. Prezi

If you want to ditch the conventional presentation format and bring in more creativity into your keynote, check out Prezi. While you can use it as an alternative to PowerPoint, the way you create presentations with this tool is different, as is the output.

Check out this presentation created using Prezi by Chris Anderson for his speech in a TED conference.

Watch the official video that demonstrates how it works.

2. Google Docs

Google Docs requires no introduction. People used to dislike its web-based presentation tool, but that has changed. It has undergone multiple updates and added user-friendly features over the years.

Being a Google product, it works seamlessly and securely stores your presentations in the cloud. If you believed that Google Docs couldn’t be a credible alternative to PowerPoint, check out the presentation below created entirely with Google Docs. It will change your mind.

3. 280 Slides

280 Slides is an online presentation maker that provides a desktop-like experience for Mac OS X users. It offers features such as autosave and document recovery, built-in media search from YouTube and Flickr, and more. However, it’s important to note that this tool has been shut down.

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5 Online Alternative to PowerPoint That Work

SlideShare integration allows direct publishing of presentations from this tool.

4. Zoho Show

5 Online Alternative to PowerPoint That Work

You probably know about Zoho, a suite of online collaboration and productivity tools. Many have said that it’s the best suite available online, even better than Google Docs. I don’t know about that but its PowerPoint alternative, called Zoho Show, is good. It has all the basic features including the ability to remotely present to a client across the globe.

5. SlideRocket

5 Online Alternative to PowerPoint That Work

SlideRocket is interesting, with an intuitive user interface and extensive features. It offers more features than most other tools and includes a handy user analytics feature to measure slide engagement.

All the tools on the list are either free or have a good free option. They also allow for importing and exporting presentations to and from PowerPoint. Give them a try and let us know your favorite in the comments!

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