5 Interesting Uses of Google Web History

5 Interesting Uses of Google Web History

Google Web History serves a positive purpose by improving your search experience and providing personalized results and recommendations. It syncs across all your devices, making it available wherever you use Google. Enabling or disabling Google Web History is at the user’s discretion, as shown in the screenshot below. For Google Apps, the domain administrator has control over permissions.

5 Interesting Uses of Google Web History

Google Web History is a chronological listing of your searched items using Google search engine and specific account. It lists the main keyword you searched for and the results you browsed. Note the tree-like arrangement of some results.

5 Interesting Uses of Google Web History

Google Web History is a simple yet useful tool with various applications.

1. Use it as an Automatic Bookmarking System of all your Visited Pages

Google Web History can collate the best pages you visited by clicking the star icon next to a search result. It is then added to your Google Bookmarks, which you can use with the Google Bookmarks bookmarklet to record and revisit your worthwhile visits.

We typically delete our browser search history and clear temporary files using system tools. Google Web History can save time by allowing us to revisit past searched queries and find information we found using Google Search. However, it only covers searches made through Google and can be further customized to include images, videos, blogs, etc. by using the sidebar on the left.

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3. Get a General Idea of Your Surfing Habits

You can use Google Web History to observe trends in your search activity, such as your top searches, most frequented websites, and more.

4. Delete Specific Search Queries for Privacy

You can delete search queries by selecting the checkbox and clicking on “Remove items”. It is the second best thing you can do after shutting it off altogether.

Sometimes you might prefer to run a few searches without recording them. You can pause Google Web History by clicking on the gear icon and going into the Settings page. Click the Pause button next to Web History is on. To start keeping track of your web search activity again, click the Resume button. Do note that Google still logs every search query from your IP address even when this feature is paused.

Privacy precautions dictate that you keep Google Web Search History switched off and clear your tracks, but the tool has its uses. You can find use for it when you are researching intensively and like to keep a backup of all the sources you have visited. The Pause and Resume functions are just for that.

Have you checked into Google Web History lately? Or do you prefer it off?

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