5 Fantastic Chrome Apps for Google Drive

5 Fantastic Chrome Apps for Google Drive

With many cloud services to choose from, most of us use them for file storage. There are different types of online-storage users. Some upload all their data to backup services and use them as an extension of their hard drive. Others use it to store important documents for easy access.

5 Fantastic Chrome Apps for Google Drive

One common characteristic of almost all users was the need to download files to their local hard disk in order to edit them, and then upload them back to the server. However, Google Drive offers better options.

One advantage of using Google Drive is that many Chrome-based apps now support it. With these integrated apps, you can open, edit, and save your work directly without downloading the files. How cool is that?

Now, let’s explore some of these apps that can enhance our daily computer usage.

Eliminating Redundancy: The Importance of Permissions for Applications
Note: All applications require special permissions on your Google account, which need to be approved for each app when it is first used.

1. Aviary for Google Drive

Aviary is an amazing web-based image editor. If you want a simple online solution to touch up your photos, you can rely on it. Now, with Aviary for Google Drive, all these features are available right in your Drive.

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Aviary seamlessly integrates with Google Drive. If you have photos uploaded, you can edit them. After installing the app, open your Drive, right-click on the photo you want to edit, and select “Open with -> Aviary for Google Drive”. Edit the photo, make any changes, and click “Apply” to save it. The photo will be saved to your Google Drive account automatically.

2. 8reader

8Reader is an online ebook reader for Chrome. If you have an ebook on your Google Drive in EPUB, MOBI, or FB2 format, you can open them directly using 8reader. The app integrates with the Open with menu for the ebook file formats.

5 Fantastic Chrome Apps for Google Drive

You can convert your ebook between formats using the 8reader app. The app’s interface is simple and allows you to control fonts and daylight color for an enhanced reading experience.

3. SlideRocket

Google has introduced new features to its online presentation editor, but for the best web app to handle presentations, there is no competition for SlideRocket. If I were to summarize the features of SlideRocket, it is as good as an average desktop application for editing presentations.

5 Fantastic Chrome Apps for Google Drive

If you need to quickly edit a presentation on Google Drive, SlideRocket is the ideal application.

4. Lucidchart: Diagramming

Lucidchart: Diagramming is an online alternative to Microsoft Visio. It can draw flowcharts, mockups, UML, ER Diagrams, and more. If you have Microsoft Visio documents on your Google Drive, you can open and edit them. Saving the progress directly to Google Drive is an advantage. You can export creations as a PNG, JPG, or PDF file.

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5 Fantastic Chrome Apps for Google Drive

If you plan to start from scratch, create a new drawing from the Create -> More button. Additionally, you can schedule backup of files on Lucidchart to Google Drive.

5. Pixorial Video

With Pixorial Video, you can edit and share videos from Google Drive. Install the app, authenticate your Google account, and all the videos will sync to Pixorial Video library. Add video effects like trimming and background music.

5 Fantastic Chrome Apps for Google Drive

Usage is like what we’ve been saying for the above apps. Once you’ve finalized the editing, you can save it to Google Drive and publish it on the web.

Additional Tip – Changing Default Apps for File Types in Google Drive

To make any of the above apps the default for launching associated files, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Google Drive account and click on the settings button.

2. In the dropdown menu, select “Manage apps” to open the application management option for Google Drive.

5 Fantastic Chrome Apps for Google Drive

Step 3: Make any app the default app for a Google Drive file type. Remove an app and its permissions access on your Google account.

5 Fantastic Chrome Apps for Google Drive

That’s all, these are all the apps I use while working on my Google Drive files. If you would like to add some of your favorites to the list, we have a comment section. Also, let us know your favorite from the list.

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