5 Easy Ways to Edit PDFs Online

5 Easy Ways to Edit PDFs Online

Most tools like Microsoft Word or Excel allow you to easily create PDFs from a word doc or spreadsheet. However, editing these PDF files is a different story. The same tool that helped you create one is helpless when it comes to editing PDFs.

Of course, you could rewrite the word doc, but wouldn’t that be reinventing the wheel? Thankfully, there are many online PDF Editors that make editing a cakewalk.

So, without delay, let’s take a quick look at them.

1. DocFly

DocFly offers a comprehensive range of editing tools, including text eraser, highlighter, and the ability to add text, images, and signatures. It also allows users to easily move text within a document.

5 Easy Ways to Edit PDFs Online

In addition to standard editing methods, this editor includes a merge tool and a converter for PDF to Word or Image. To use the editor, simply upload the document and select the desired editing method. DocFly is a free tool, but limited to 3 documents per month. Therefore, it is ideal for editing a few documents.

2. PDFZorro

PDFZorro is a great alternative. It’s compatible with all platforms, including smartphones. It’s fast, safe, and easy to use for editing PDF files.

5 Easy Ways to Edit PDFs Online

Speaking of editing techniques, you can add pages and text, write freehand, and export PDFs to Word or Excel files. Additionally, you can insert pages or letters between existing pages.

3. PDFescape

PDFescape provides a unique solution to add Sticky notes and Annotations to PDF files. The real power of this tool lies in its page editing tools. Users can white out an area of any page, crop or insert HTML fields like check boxes or radio buttons.

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5 Easy Ways to Edit PDFs Online

If the document is sensitive, you can password protect it. The only drawback is that the PDFs should be less than 10 MB or 100 pages.

4. FormSwift

FormSwift allows you to edit and create PDF files with a wide selection of templates. To date, FormSwift has facilitated the creation of over 16 million documents globally.

5 Easy Ways to Edit PDFs Online

Its best feature is the signature panel, which allows you to type, draw, or upload signatures, whichever is most convenient for you.

Additionally, users can insert text, images, and check marks while editing, and then save, update, or email the document at any time.

5. Sejda

Sejda is the ultimate online PDF editing tool. If you need to work with PDFs, its extensive features will make you happy.

5 Easy Ways to Edit PDFs Online

Whether reorganizing, splitting, or converting a PDF, this tool handles it all. And it’s not just versatile, it’s also fast. Sejda even has a desktop version for small businesses.

Parting Thought

To get the most out of editing, these five tools are helpful. However, if you frequently edit PDF files, a desktop tool is better. How do you edit your PDFs?

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