5 Easy Ways to Block Twitch Ads

5 Easy Ways to Block Twitch Ads

Even though ads can be a blessing for creators to earn revenue, they’re a curse to viewers watching a stream. With the increase in Twitch advertisements, they’re becoming harder to bear. If you’re having issues with ads on Twitch, keep reading to learn how to block them.

5 Easy Ways to Block Twitch Ads

While we will explain 5 ways to block Twitch ads, some methods may not always work due to evolving technology. We have included pros and cons for each method to help you understand their effectiveness. Let’s get started.

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Types of Ads You Can Block on Twitch

Before we explore the ways to block ads on Twitch, let’s take a quick look at the types of ads that can be blocked.

5 Easy Ways to Block Twitch Ads

Pre-Roll Ads: Ads before a stream starts on Twitch. Mid-Roll Ads: Ads in the middle of a Twitch stream. General Display Ads: Banner ads on the Twitch website or app. Brand Sponsorships/Tie-Ups: Stream-specific brand ads. Ads in-between VoDs: Ads between Twitch’s Video on Demand service.

Now, let’s discuss how to block ads on Twitch.

How to Get Rid of Ads on Twitch

Now that we know what kinds of ads exist on Twitch, let’s explore the various methods to block them.

One of the easiest ways to eliminate ads on Twitch is by using a browser extension. Extensions let you add functionality to your browser that may not otherwise be available. Use your current browser by installing a proxy or ad block extension that works with Twitch. Follow the steps below to do it.

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Note: For demonstration purposes, we will show you how to install an ad blocker for Twitch on Google Chrome.

Step 1: Go to Chrome’s Web Store and search for Ad Block in the search bar, then press enter.

5 Easy Ways to Block Twitch Ads

Step 2: Click on Adblock Plus from the list.

5 Easy Ways to Block Twitch Ads

Step 3: Click on ‘Add to Chrome’.

Step 4: Click on Add extension.

5 Easy Ways to Block Twitch Ads

Adding this extension to Chrome will immediately block Twitch ads. You can also add other extensions, such as Adblock for Twitch, to block ads. The Purple Ads Blocker extension can be used as an ad block proxy for Twitch to block ads.

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