5 Cool Live Wallpapers for Android Worth Trying Today

5 Cool Live Wallpapers for Android Worth Trying Today

I remember when I switched from a Symbian device to my first Android, the Samsung Galaxy S. I was impressed by the new interface, apps, and camera that made Android superior to my previous device. Among all the features I explored, the ability to set an interactive live wallpaper was the most exciting. I was amazed at how the AMOLED display looked with the Nexus live wallpaper.

Most of us assume that live wallpapers are just animated GIFs that drain the device battery unnecessarily. While I don’t completely agree or disagree with this assumption, live wallpapers can indeed drain extra battery power if they are not optimized. Today, I will introduce optimized live wallpapers that offer surprising features, debunking the notion that they are simply GIF files. Try these apps yourself to discover their interesting capabilities, as they minimize battery drain and offer more than a static wallpaper.

Today, I will share live wallpapers with unique features that will surprise you. These apps are optimized for minimal battery drain, so you can see for yourself how impressive they are compared to a still wallpaper.

1. Device Info Live Wallpaper

Device Info Live Wallpaper has been available in the Play Store for some time and it is one of the first live wallpapers I ever purchased due to its amazing features. The wallpaper displays information like date, time, CPU, RAM, and storage usage, along with network state, on your home screen. It’s like a wallpaper with widgets. The free version provides basic settings to control, but the paid version for just $0.99 offers a lot more customizations.

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You can adjust the background color, brightness level, text color, and animation speed. If you have any widgets on the home screen, you can also add blank pages to accommodate them. The wallpaper is highly optimized for minimal battery drain, but you can disable certain elements like the compass and CPU history to save power.

2. Chameleon Color Adapting LWP

Chameleon Color Adapting LWP is an intriguing live wallpaper that changes pattern and color based on your environment. The app can be purchased for ‎US$1.21 from the Play Store, and although there is no free lite version, the Play Store refund policy allows for a risk-free trial period of two hours. This app utilizes the device camera to adjust to your surroundings and is optimized for minimal battery usage. The animations are seamless, and you’ll enjoy a variety of material designed wallpapers constantly.

3. Liven Wallpaper Live

Liven Wallpaper Live is an intriguing Android wallpaper that adds effects like particles, snow, and filters to your existing wallpaper. It’s perfect if you want to enhance your personal wallpaper with dynamic effects. Additionally, you can set up a wallpaper cycle based on your preferences.

5 Cool Live Wallpapers for Android Worth Trying Today

The app is free to download, but some filters and effects are locked in the pro version, which can be purchased through in-app transactions. The app allows you to configure night and day settings for various filters and effects, based on the ambient lighting conditions.

4. 500 Firepaper

500 Firepaper is a live wallpaper that brings amazing high-quality wallpapers from 500PX to your home screen and daydream. It cycles still images to keep things interesting. You can choose specific categories or popular ones for the wallpaper. The images are cached while on Wi-Fi and the phone is charging to save battery.

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5 Cool Live Wallpapers for Android Worth Trying Today

Due to 500px’s API usage conditions, the application cannot cache images for longer than 24 hours. If you are not connected to Wi-Fi while charging or with a near-full battery for more than a day, the application will run out of images to display as those are the ideal conditions for the images to download.

5. Minima Pro Live Wallpaper

Minima Pro Live Wallpaper is perfect for users who want a different wallpaper daily. It generates minimal patterns with various shapes and colors, without using Wi-Fi or cellular data.

5 Cool Live Wallpapers for Android Worth Trying Today

You get parallel and tilt-shift features to control color and patterns. It also provides artwork for the Muzei Live Wallpaper gallery. There is no free version of the app, only a pro version that can be purchased for $0.99.

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Here are some interesting live wallpapers that you can try on your Android with minimal battery drain and maximum features. Let us know which one you like the most and if you think we missed any other interesting live wallpapers.

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