5 Best Dual Air Fryers in the UK

5 Best Dual Air Fryers in the UK

Dual air fryers, also known as double-basket air fryers, offer several advantages, with cooking time being the primary one. These fryers allow you to cook two different food items with distinct flavor profiles simultaneously in two compartments. Additionally, they save space by incorporating two drawers.

5 Best Dual Air Fryers in the UK

If you’re in the United Kingdom and want to upgrade your air fryer, here are the best dual air fryers you can buy. But first, check out the top-selling air fryers under 100 in the UK and some excellent rechargeable under-cabinet lights.

1. Ultenic K20 Dual Air Fryer

5 Best Dual Air Fryers in the UK

Ultenic K20 Dual Air Fryer

The Ultenic K20 Dual Air Fryer is highly affordable. This dual-zone air fryer outshines its competitors in terms of features and performance. It features two 3.8L baskets with a Sync Finish function for aligning cooking times. Additionally, it offers four cooking methods, touch-based buttons, and powerful machinery to quickly prepare delicious meals.

Furthermore, the price includes a premium black finish with Chrome accents at the top. This air fryer also has the ability to dehydrate food, eliminating the need for separate equipment when you want dehydrated orange slices for a cocktail.

The Ultenic K20 Dual Air Fryer allows you to fill both baskets or cook separately using the zone functions. You can also cook in one basket if you don’t need to cook large quantities. These functions make it the best double-drawer air fryer.

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It has a 4.7 star rating on Amazon with over 3,000 user ratings. Users appreciate its easy-to-use design and its ability to cook food evenly. As long as you arrange your food evenly, this air fryer will cook your food perfectly.

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