5 Best Camera Car Mounts with Suction Feet

5 Best Camera Car Mounts with Suction Feet

Everyone loves watching videos of cross-country trips or adrenaline-rushing hill adventures. However, it’s impossible to securely hold a camera while driving in a car. Fortunately, camera car mounts with suction feet can help you capture your adventurous moments and keep your DSLR camera or action camera safe. You can mount one on the car’s hood, windshield, or sides. As long as you’re not driving on bad roads, the mount and camera should be perfectly fine.

5 Best Camera Car Mounts with Suction Feet

If you’re planning adventures, here are the best car mounts for cameras with suction feet. From action cameras (like GoPro) to camcorders or DSLRs, we have you covered.

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1. Exshow Window Holder

GoPro Hero 4-9, SJCAM, Canon Power Shot G7X, and DSLR cameras are compatible devices.

5 Best Camera Car Mounts with Suction Feet

Exshow Window Holder

Here’s a camera mount that can be attached to any flat surface of your car, such as the windshield or window glass. It features an adjustable 360-degree arm that provides complete access to the scene ahead. Moreover, it is an affordable option.

The Exshow window holder camera mount is a cost-effective investment for action camera owners like the Go Pro. It offers a similar range of features to the official Go Pro accessories, but at a lower price. Additionally, it can support the weight of conventional cameras equally well. The suction cups at the bottom have a secure grip and firmly attach to surfaces.

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However, please note that this mount does not adhere well to dashboard surfaces. If you plan to mount it on your car’s dashboard, investing in a dashboard pad may be necessary.

The Exshow camera mount has the advantage of a solid build despite its affordable price tag. The suction pads and swivel mount are sturdy enough to support the weight of the camera and its movements.

If you want to mount your phone, you’ll need to purchase a phone adapter separately.

2. SKEZN Suction Cup Camera Car Mount

Compatible Device: GoPro Hero5-10, Smartphones, and Digital cameras

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