5 Best Braided Thunderbolt 3 Cables That You Can Buy

5 Best Braided Thunderbolt 3 Cables That You Can Buy

Investing in a Thunderbolt 3 cable is essential for Apple MacBooks and Thunderbolt 3-compatible laptops like Acer TravelMate P6 P614. Thunderbolt 3 cables provide top transfer speeds of up to 40Gbps, fast charging for your laptop, and the ability to connect to a compatible external monitor. Additionally, they add versatility to your setup. However, cables are vulnerable to everyday wear and tear, especially if you frequently plug and unplug them. That’s where braided cables come in.

Braided cables not only shield against splitting and fraying but also tangle less than non-braided cables, enhancing the overall experience in the long run.

If you’re looking for quality braided Thunderbolt 3 cables, here are our recommendations. But before that, check out these top HDMI adapters for MacBook Pro users and learn which one you should use: USB‑C or Thunderbolt 3.

1. Apple Thunderbolt 3 Pro Cable

5 Best Braided Thunderbolt 3 Cables That You Can Buy

Apple Thunderbolt 3 Pro Cable

If you want an Apple Thunderbolt cable, the Thunderbolt 3 Pro cable is the perfect choice. This cable has a solid and clever build. The strain relief is long, allowing for easy plugging and unplugging. It achieves theoretical speeds up to 40 Gbps when connected to a Thunderbolt port (10 Gbps when connected to a USB-C port). The performance is on par with other Apple products, providing the desired speed and versatility. Whether you’re connecting your MacBook to a laptop dock or a Thunderbolt monitor, the Apple Thunderbolt 3 Pro Cable handles it effortlessly. Its 6.5ft length is also beneficial.

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Like most Apple products, the Thunderbolt 3 Pro Cable is priced a little higher. That said, you will get a cable with solid build and performance for the price. And if you take care of it, it’s likely to last you a long time.

2. Maxonar Thunderbolt 3 Cable

5 Best Braided Thunderbolt 3 Cables That You Can Buy

Maxonar Thunderbolt 3 Cable

If you’re searching for a Thunderbolt 3 cable for your eGPU, the Maxonar Thunderbolt 3 Cable is perfect. It’s a 3.9ft cable that gives you enough room to connect your eGPU to your Mac, especially if the stock cable is too short. Users have praised its performance for connecting eGPU. Plus, this braided Thunderbolt 3 cable can also be used as a charging or display cable for your Mac and external monitors.

The build is strong, and the thick cable sheathing ensures the cable stays unaffected by daily use. The long cable strain prevents fraying in the long run.

An 18-month warranty backs it, and some users have praised the customer service for their prompt reply and help.

A responsive customer service plays an important role in the long run.

Maxoner advertises USB4 speed, however, some users have refuted the claims.

3. Nimaso Thunderbolt 3 Cable

5 Best Braided Thunderbolt 3 Cables That You Can Buy

Nimaso Thunderbolt 3 Cable

Another affordable Thunderbolt 3 cable is the Nimaso cable. Like the Apple cable, it has a braided exterior for protection and a long connector for better grip. However, the strain relief could be longer.

Despite that, this cable supports Power Delivery up to 100W and dual 4K external monitors. It is compatible with devices like the Microsoft Surface Book, Dell XPS laptops, and MacBook Pro (2016-2019).

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The Nimaso Thunderbolt cable has received positive reviews for its quality and performance. Just note that it is slightly shorter than the Apple cable at 3.3ft.

4. JSAUX Thunderbolt 3 Cable

5 Best Braided Thunderbolt 3 Cables That You Can Buy

JSAUX Thunderbolt 3 Cable

If you have explored HDMI or DisplayPort cables, you might have come across JSAUX cables. These cables are affordable. The JSAUX Thunderbolt 3 cable is suitable for connecting your Mac (or compatible Windows laptop) to a laptop docking station or an external monitor. It performs well and delivers the required speed and power when connected to compatible ports. It also supports dual 4K displays. The Thunderbolt 3 specification supports DisplayPort tech, which means you can use a single cable connected to your laptop and drive multiple monitors (in this case, two) with it. The advantage is that you won’t need separate display cables connected to your laptop, thereby easing the cable management process.

There’s a slight catch. For some users, the JSAUX Thunderbolt 3 cable hasn’t fared well when connecting to an eGPU. Consider this point. This cable is compatible with the Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and HP Spectre laptops, but not with Apollo x4 and Arrow devices.

5. Sweguard Thunderbolt 3 Cable

5 Best Braided Thunderbolt 3 Cables That You Can Buy

Sweguard Thunderbolt 3 Cable

Last, but not least, we have the Sweguard Thunderbolt 3 Cable. It is an inexpensive yet fully functional cable that supports Thunderbolt 3. It provides support for 4K/5K displays and achieves full Thunderbolt 3 speed. It can also deliver power up to 100W if used as a charging cable.

The Sweguard Thunderbolt 3 Cable supports Power Delivery, so it can be used to charge USB-C smartphones. Although it doesn’t offer Thunderbolt speeds for charging, it charges at a relatively fast speed.

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The cable has a nice and thick braided cord. While it may be a little difficult to wind, the braided exterior provides protection against wear & tear and fraying in the long run.

This Thunderbolt 3 cable works as advertised for Apple MacBooks, Microsoft Surface laptops, and some Dell laptops. However, it is not compatible with Apollo x4, Twin, and Arrow devices.

Bring in the Thunder

One of the biggest advantages of Thunderbolt 3 cables is their compatibility with USB-C ports. This allows for easy use in standard USB-C ports for data transfers, albeit at reduced speed. As Thunderbolt 3 becomes more popular, investing in a durable and strong cable is a wise choice. You wouldn’t want to repeatedly purchase cables for the same purpose, would you?

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