5 Best Bionic Reading Apps, Converters, and Extensions

5 Best Bionic Reading Apps, Converters, and Extensions

The evolution of technology has led to increased consumption of visual content over text. However, reading still holds value and technology has even made it more enjoyable and accessible. Bionic Reading is a prime example. Here are our top picks for Bionic Reading apps and converters for your devices.

5 Best Bionic Reading Apps, Converters, and Extensions

Bionic Reading is a technique that highlights specific letters in a word to increase reading speed and potentially improve reading for individuals with ADHD. While not scientifically proven, it is worth trying to see if it helps. Let’s get started.

1. Bionic Reading – Download Converted Texts

Bionic Reading is a free application and extension that converts text on-screen to a bionic reading format. The app has a simple UI, allowing you to type, paste, or upload text.

5 Best Bionic Reading Apps, Converters, and Extensions

Bionic Reading converts PDF and other formats to bionic text, offering customization options such as background color and font size. Converted texts can be downloaded in PDF, EPUB, or Word formats.

You can also send files to your Amazon Kindle and enjoy additional features like resume reading, bookmarks, and library support. Despite a few minor issues with word count and app optimization, the app is worth considering.


– Convert webpages and documents

– Customize text appearance

– Download files in popular formats


– Limited word limit for free version

– App still requires optimization


– Free

– Paid subscription starting at $2.99

2. Spreeder – Feature-packed Bionic Reader App

Spreeder is an app that focuses on popularizing the Bionic Reading method and helps you read faster. We are pleased that the app fulfills its promises and is one of our top choices for the best Bionic Reading apps and converters.

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5 Best Bionic Reading Apps, Converters, and Extensions 5 Best Bionic Reading Apps, Converters, and Extensions

The app offers an array of features: Bionic Reading, tips to increase reading efficiency, productivity articles, and a dedicated organizer. In addition, it provides daily targets and visual stats to track reading efficiency.

Spreeder supports various document formats (PDF, EPUB, MOBI, Docx) and allows customization of the reader mode to suit preferences. The app is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac platforms. Notably, there are no ads, even in the free version.

However, there was a loading error during app startup, which can be resolved with an update.


– Supports popular document formats

– Available on many devices

– No ads

The app needs more optimization. It has a free version as well as a paid subscription starting at $6.99.

3. Bionify – Open Source Bionic Reading Extension

If you are concerned about your data, it’s best to go with an open-source application. For those in search of a bionic reading converter, Bionify is an excellent option. Once you download and pin the Google Chrome extension, you can use it without any data breach concerns.

5 Best Bionic Reading Apps, Converters, and Extensions

The extension is user-friendly, allowing you to toggle it on/off or use the auto-apply feature. You can also customize font height and adjust the algorithm and text opacity.

As the extension is still in development, it does not have many popular features yet, such as the ability to convert documents using the Bionic Reading method.

Currently, this extension is most compatible with web pages and does not affect the page’s layout or other features.


  • Open source
  • Easy to use
  • Ability to customize certain aspects


  • Lacks file conversion function
  • No dedicated smartphone app

Price: Free

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4. Jiffy Reader – Multiple Web Browser Support

Among the popular bionic reading extensions, Jiffy is an open-source extension that offers most features of a Bionic Reader. Once installed, you can start using the extension after pinning it.

5 Best Bionic Reading Apps, Converters, and Extensions

This extenion can be turned off or toggled manually as needed. It does not disrupt the website layout. Additionally, the words can be customized. This extension is supported by almost all popular browsers and files can be converted to Bionic Reading formats if they are first converted to HTML. However, there have been reports of issues with Opera. We hope these issues will be resolved.


– Free to use

– Easy to understand

– Does not affect webpage layout


– Requires further optimization for certain browsers

Price: Free

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5. Fast Read – Share Converted Texts

BioRead is a Bionic Reading app for Android that allows users to convert texts, PDFs, or ebooks into the Bionic Reading format.

5 Best Bionic Reading Apps, Converters, and Extensions

BioRead is a Bionic Reading app that offers all the necessary features but doesn’t stand out from the competition. While it works flawlessly and has the ability to customize texts, its premium plan is expensive. However, if you prioritize a bug-free experience, BioRead is worth considering.


– Ability to convert and customize texts

– Ability to share converted texts


– Expensive premium plan

– Limited reading in the free version.

Price: Free; Paid Subscription: $7.49 onwards.

No Reason to Stop Reading

Most of us may have been fans of reading but became detached due to busy lifestyles. However, these Bionic Reading apps and converters can help change that. Share your experience with these tools. Also, check out websites or apps for free Audiobooks if you don’t enjoy reading.

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