5 Best Apps to Fight ADHD for PC and Smartphones

5 Best Apps to Fight ADHD for PC and Smartphones

ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a neurodevelopmental condition that affects both children and adults. This disorder hampers task initiation, memory retention, and concentration, thereby impacting productivity in various aspects of life. Fortunately, technology provides a solution in the form of apps that can be used on smartphones or computers to combat ADHD.

5 Best Apps to Fight ADHD for PC and Smartphones

There are multiple types of ADHD. Although the condition cannot be cured, treatment can reduce its effects. Our picks for the best apps will help you efficiently take control of your life, in addition to the right treatment. Before we proceed to the apps, let’s review the factors considered to curate this list.

Factors We Considered to Create This List of the Best ADHD Apps

Plenty of time and project management apps can help manage tasks and daily life, but attention deficit is the main issue. Therefore, we establish criteria before recommending any apps.

5 Best Apps to Fight ADHD for PC and Smartphones

User interface: If you are searching for a planner app for ADHD, it should have a simple and easy-to-focus user interface. This will help manage tasks without getting distracted and focus on what needs your attention. Price: It won’t be fair to pay more to lead a life without ADHD. The listed apps have a free or demo version that doesn’t require payment data before use. App rating: Why waste time on something bad? Look at user reviews before installing an app. We only include apps with ratings of 4+ on the App Store or Play Store.

App experience: We have reviewed each app to ensure you only get the best. We will share our experience and the pros and cons of each app. Now that we have set our criteria, let’s look at the best ADHD apps for adults or anyone with the issue.

5 Best ADHD Apps for Adults

Now that you know how we selected each app, let’s discuss the apps themselves and how they can assist you in your struggle.

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People who struggle with prioritizing tasks can benefit from trying Asana. Asana is a project management app designed for organizations, but it can also be used for personal tasks. Instead of writing down a long list of to-do items, Asana allows users to create customizable tasks that can be organized into lists, boards, or calendar events.

5 Best Apps to Fight ADHD for PC and Smartphones 5 Best Apps to Fight ADHD for PC and Smartphones

One huge advantage of using Asana is the ability to sort tasks based on their priorities. This feature has greatly reduced my stress and confusion when faced with multiple tasks. I no longer feel overwhelmed and uncertain about what to do first. The app’s beautiful interface has also made my experience pleasant. The setup process was simple and I had no issues navigating between options and menus. The app also displays accomplished tasks, which gives a sense of contentment. Additionally, Asana is free for personal use, making it a great choice for those who enjoy creating task lists. However, it’s worth noting that changes need to be updated manually. If you prefer automated updates, this app may not be suitable for you.


– Ability to sort and organize tasks

– Easy-to-use UI

– Free for personal use


– Must manually update task progress

App rating: 4.6 Price: Free (US$10.99 per month for premium)

2. Evernote – Notes & Task Manager

Who should try this: Those who want to quickly note down ideas and create related tasks.

Ideas pop out of nowhere; if you don’t scribble them down, you will forget them. You can note them in Evernote and convert them to tasks later if needed. Users can store emails, photos, videos, websites, and ideas all in one place.

5 Best Apps to Fight ADHD for PC and Smartphones 5 Best Apps to Fight ADHD for PC and Smartphones

Evernote is a well-designed and easy-to-navigate app that can be used for personal or organizational purposes. It also has an option for students. Upon choosing an option, the setup process will show more options based on the user’s choice.

The free version of Evernote has limited features. For a premium experience, try the free trial before subscribing to a premium plan that suits your needs.


– Easy to jot down ideas

– Ability to choose between Work, Personal, and School profiles

– Can add multiple attachments


– The free version has limited features

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App rating: 4.4

Price: Free; Premium: $10.83 per month onwards

3. Remember the Milk – Comprehensive To-Do App

Who should try this: If you want a minimal to-do list

Forgetting to buy what we need is relatable to many with ADHD. Remember the Milk prevents forgetfulness by enabling you to create task lists with subtasks. This structured approach reduces distractions.

5 Best Apps to Fight ADHD for PC and Smartphones 5 Best Apps to Fight ADHD for PC and Smartphones

You can assign due dates to tasks and include notes, locations, passwords, messages, addresses, or anything else. Reminders can be set through mobile notifications, emails, or text messages. However, these features require a premium subscription.

The free version offers good features, but the Pro version includes additional features such as creating subtasks, unlimited sharing, colored tags, reminders, and more.


– Minimal UI

– Sort tasks by day, week, and month

– Premium plan offers many features


– No option to add images or media files

App rating: 4.4

Price: Free; Pro Subscription: $39.99/year

4. Forest – A Beautiful Timer

Forest Timer: An Ideal Solution for Increased Productivity

For individuals seeking an efficient and captivating timer, Forest is the perfect choice. It effectively keeps users focused and minimizes distractions.

ADHD often leads to shortened attention spans, hampering productivity and overall work quality. Forest offers a practical remedy by improving concentration and output.

By utilizing Forest, users can elevate their work experience and generate a more efficient response. This minimalist timer is designed to combat distractions and boost productivity levels.

5 Best Apps to Fight ADHD for PC and Smartphones 5 Best Apps to Fight ADHD for PC and Smartphones

Earlier, I used the default timer on my devices, which was ineffective as I would be back to doomscrolling or other activities instead of focusing on the task. But Forest changes that. When you start a timer, the app will plant a virtual tree that grows for the entire time you set. And if you break the time and do unwanted stuff, the tree will die. This app makes you responsible for the life of the virtual tree, and it works wonders! The Pro Version offers additional features like the ability to plant real trees, detailed statistics, sync option, and different tree options. However, this app is not available for PC.


– Minimal UI

– Easy to use

– Pro Version unlocks many features



– Strong audio quality

– User-friendly and intuitive interface

– Customizable features

– Wide selection of reading materials

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– Convenient offline access


– Limited sound options

App rating: 4.7

Price: Free; Subscription: $3.99 per year onwards

5. Lifesum – Manage Your Lifestyle

The app is best for managing your health and diet. With Lifesum, you have an assistant to help you lead a healthy life. The app has a user-friendly interface where you can receive personalized tips and plans for weight gain or loss by providing the required information.

5 Best Apps to Fight ADHD for PC and Smartphones 5 Best Apps to Fight ADHD for PC and Smartphones

The app offers interesting checklists and plans to achieve your goals. To access detailed information, you need the premium plan. It also functions as a dietary diary, monitoring calorie intake and providing commendable nutrient calculations.

As someone with ADHD, it’s common to turn to comfort food that may not be healthy. However, with Lifesum, you can always ensure you eat and stay healthy.


– Beautiful UI

– Ability to get detailed lifestyle information

– Tips and recipe suggestions based on your data


– Premium plan could be cheaper.

App rating: 4.5 Price: Free; Subscription: $22.00 for three months onwards. 1. Are screens bad for ADHD?

Prolonged screen exposure can worsen ADHD symptoms and lead to additional issues. Remember to take breaks occasionally.

2. Can you beat ADHD naturally?

Therapy and lifestyle changes can effectively manage ADHD naturally. Additionally, medication can help control the issue.

Lead a Happy Life

Living with ADHD is challenging. However, this list of the best apps to fight ADHD can help you lead the life you want. If you experience difficulties due to ADHD, we strongly recommend seeking medical advice.

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