5 Best Apple iPhone 14 Pro Screen Protectors

5 Best Apple iPhone 14 Pro Screen Protectors

The iPhone 14 Pro series undergoes a major redesign in terms of the display. Apple eliminates the notch and replaces it with a pill-sized cutout to house the front camera, Face ID sensors, and other components. Along with a case, a screen protector is essential for safeguarding your iPhone 14 Pro from daily wear and tear. Let’s explore these accessories.

5 Best Apple iPhone 14 Pro Screen Protectors

Apple has integrated Dynamic Island to utilize a cut at the top. It displays active apps, widgets, and useful information on your current screen. There are two types of screen protectors for the iPhone 14 Pro: some with cutouts for Face ID and some with seamless glass for a uniform look.

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– Dazzle up your phone with iPhone 14 wallpapers.

– Charge your iPhone 14 Pro quickly with the best fast chargers.

– Preserve MagSafe functionality with the best cases for iPhone 14 Pro Max.

5 Best Apple iPhone 14 Pro Screen Protectors

Supershieldz Screen Protector

Not everyone prefers a glossy screen protector on their iPhone 14 Pro. If you want to avoid screen glare, get a Supershieldz anti-glare screen protector from Amazon.

Supershieldz offers a matte screen protector to protect your phone from wear and tear. Matte screen protectors resist oily fingertips better than glossy ones. You don’t need to clean it often. For an affordable price, the company bundles a two-pack of tempered glass, enough for a couple of years. Supershieldz also has an oleophobic coating to reduce sweat marks and is 9H hard.

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2. QHOHQ Screen Protector

5 Best Apple iPhone 14 Pro Screen Protectors

QHOHQ Screen Protector

QHOHQ offers the best value on the list. You receive a three-pack of tempered glass, a camera lens, and an installation tool to flawlessly apply the screen protector.

Most screen protectors have sharp angles on the sides and lack polishing, making them feel cheap and easily breakable. In contrast, QHOHQ has curved edges that feel smooth and provide better protection. Despite being only 0.33mm thick, it still has a 9H hardness rating and claims a 99.99% light transmission test.

Additionally, the camera lens protector is notable for its ‘Night Circle’ function, which allows for flash photography at night without compromising quality. QHOHO offers lifetime replacements and service to customers.

5 Best Apple iPhone 14 Pro Screen Protectors

JETech Screen Protector

JETech is a high-quality screen protector for iPhone 14 Pro, offering edge-to-edge protection with full glass. Unlike QHOHQ, JETech doesn’t include a camera protector. However, it comes with a couple of screen protectors and an auto-alignment tool kit for easy installation. Many newcomers make alignment mistakes when applying a screen protector for the first time, so it’s best to choose products that offer a neat utility with the purchase. JETech has an oleophobic coating to prevent fingerprints and oil smudges. It shares the same 9H level of hardness as other options on the list. JETech also leaves enough edge space to work well with rugged iPhone 14 Pro cases.

4. Ferilinso Screen Protector

5 Best Apple iPhone 14 Pro Screen Protectors

Ferilinso Screen Protector

If you frequently commute in crowded places, consider protecting your iPhone from drops and prying eyes with Ferilinso’s privacy screen protector for iPhone 14 Pro. It offers a true 28° viewing angle, making the screen visible only to you. This protector has 9H hardness, smooth edges, an auto-alignment tool, three camera lens protectors, and a thin profile of 0.33mm. If you also need a privacy screen protector for your MacBook Pro, check out our guide on the best options. However, please note that the Ferilinso screen protector is not suitable for group media experiences, as it may cause viewing angle issues for others.

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5. Spigen Screen Protector

5 Best Apple iPhone 14 Pro Screen Protectors

Spigen Screen Protector

Spigen is a renowned case manufacturer. Despite their higher price, Spigen offers top-quality and comprehensive protection.

Spigen provides full protection for your iPhone 14 Pro. It has a hardness rating of 9H and includes an auto-alignment installation kit for easy application. The screen protector maintains the original brightness and resists oily fingerprints with an Oleophobic coating. Spigen products, including their iPhone 14 Pro accessories, are always reliable.

We recommend choosing a screen protector that provides all-glass protection. Supershieldz has a matte finish, Feriliniso targets a privacy-focused audience, and Spigen has a proven track record. QHOHQ also includes a camera screen protector. Which protector will you choose? Let us know in the comments.

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