5 Best Alexa-Compatible Outdoor Smart Plugs

5 Best Alexa-Compatible Outdoor Smart Plugs

It is advisable to purchase outdoor smart plugs for your non-smart devices in your deck and gardens. These plugs allow you to control connected devices using an app. Furthermore, if you have an Amazon Alexa-based smart home, you can use Alexa-compatible outdoor smart plugs to effortlessly give voice commands, group smart plugs, and create smart routines.

5 Best Alexa-Compatible Outdoor Smart Plugs

To make your deck lights, outdoor string lights, and garden fountain smarter and controllable with voice commands, here are our recommendations for the best Alexa-compatible outdoor smart plugs. But first, let’s compare smart plugs and smart outlets to determine which is better for your smart home. Additionally, we have a list of renter-friendly smart home gadgets you can buy, and instructions on how to delete Alexa voice history from Echo devices.

1. Geeni Indoor/Outdoor Smart Plug

IP Rating: N/A | No. of Outlets: 1

5 Best Alexa-Compatible Outdoor Smart Plugs

Geeni Indoor/Outdoor Smart Plug

If you’re looking for a simple, one-port smart power outlet, the Geeni smart plug is perfect for you. It has a weatherproof design (although the IP rating is not specified) and allows you to control your non-smart deck lights or outdoor aquarium. It has a simple design with a power switch and an outlet flap to prevent water damage when not in use.

To set it up, you just need to use the companion app. After that, you can easily connect it to the Alexa app. You can control it by using voice commands or the Alexa app. It has received positive reviews for its easy installation and weatherproof design.

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Why buy it: Affordable and durable

2. Syantek Outdoor Wi-Fi Outlet

IP Rating : N/A No. of Outlets : 3

5 Best Alexa-Compatible Outdoor Smart Plugs

Syantek Outdoor Wi-Fi Outlet

The Syantek Outdoor Wi-Fi Outlet is an affordable outdoor smart plug. It’s weatherproof and has three outlets, allowing you to easily set up your devices, such as string lights or garden devices. The app setup and connection to the Alexa app are simple, as mentioned in Amazon reviews.

The outlets face outward, giving you ample space to plug in your device. It has a durable build that ensures long-lasting use.

The outlets are not independent, so turning off one outlet will also turn off the other two. This applies to schedules and routines as well. However, considering the price, having a smart outdoor plug that works perfectly is a great idea. Keep in mind that it only operates on a 2.5 GHz Wi-Fi network, which could cause issues if you have a combined mesh network in your home.

The plug functions as intended and seamlessly integrates with Alexa. It maintains a reliable and consistent connection.

Alternatively, you might be interested in the BN-Link Smart Outdoor Outlet, which has a similar design and falls within a similar price range.

Reasons to buy: Affordability and durability.

3. Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug

IP Rating: IP64 No. of Outlets: 2

“IP Rating”: IP64 “No. of Outlets”: 2

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