5 Android Apps to Sell Photos on the Move

5 Android Apps to Sell Photos on the Move

Smartphone cameras have evolved significantly, from taking selfies to capturing photos of food. People are clicking away at an astonishing rate.

5 Android Apps to Sell Photos on the Move

Mobile photography has been enhanced by the megapixels in mobile cameras and the availability of photo editing apps on the Play Store. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a hobbyist, there is a substantial market for selling photos. By practicing and improving your skills, you can also make money through photo selling apps. Here are some of the top Android apps for selling photos.


FOAP is a popular photo marketplace graced by pro photographers and amateurs worldwide. The marketplace is huge, and the collection robust. Here you will find some of the biggest brands looking for images they can use, including Bank of America and MasterCard.

5 Android Apps to Sell Photos on the Move5 Android Apps to Sell Photos on the Move

The process is simple. Register with your email or Facebook and start uploading photos immediately. Each photo sells for $10, and you get half of that.

Inside, you’ll find an interface similar to Twitter. Follow photographers’ profiles for inspiration or to see what types of photos are popular. Check out the Explore tab for recently sold snaps.

Finally, there are Missions that pay $100 or more. These are brand ads with specific needs, like a competition where the winner takes all. Some missions can earn you $300 or more.

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FOAP is undoubtedly one of the best photo selling apps to have. It contains no ads and is free to use.

2. Dreamstime

Dreamstime takes a unique approach and makes the process slightly more complicated. Instead of one app for both buyers and sellers, Dreamstime has created separate apps – one for buying photos and one for selling them.

For some reason, the app gets renamed to Companion after installation. No social network support is available either. The layout is fine and the app encourages quick photo uploads. However, you can’t follow other photographers because that feature is only available on the other app.

5 Android Apps to Sell Photos on the Move5 Android Apps to Sell Photos on the Move

There are three tabs: one for uploaded images, one for your gallery to add more photos, and one for pending ones that are yet to be approved.

Depending on the chosen license, you can make up to $12 per image. It is recommended to check out Stock Photos by Dreamstime to see how other members are earning money and gauge the general demand.

3. Snapwire

Snapwire operates similarly to FOAP, with an active community of buyers and sellers. In addition to the direct marketplace, there are Challenges that enable participants to earn extra money for their creativity.

5 Android Apps to Sell Photos on the Move5 Android Apps to Sell Photos on the Move

Snapwire has integrated gamification into the app to encourage you to take better photos. As you add photos and earn money, your level will increase. As you level up, you can receive direct requests from brands interested in your portfolio.

Visit the Settings section for more information on how levels work.

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5 Android Apps to Sell Photos on the Move

If an image is sold through Request or Challenge, you keep 70% of the amount. Otherwise, you earn 50% from the one sold in the marketplace.

When creating your profile, choose up to 10 Styles that categorize your photos, such as art or buildings.

4. ShutterStock Contributor

ShutterStock is a popular brand synonymous with photography. It has a contributor program for enthusiasts and pro photographers. You sign up for an account online as the app has no option for it.

Unlike other apps, you can’t follow other photographers or engage in social activity. The app is simple to use with a clean UI. Just upload the images, track their progress, and the amount you earn.

5 Android Apps to Sell Photos on the Move5 Android Apps to Sell Photos on the Move

The website provides additional ways to explore the platform and track stats, including referral programs. Insights allows you to track and analyze the performance of your photos.

5. Clashot

Clashot made our list because they send out requests for the photos that buyers and brands are looking for. This is a plus because if you want to make money selling photos, these notifications can save your time.

5 Android Apps to Sell Photos on the Move5 Android Apps to Sell Photos on the Move

Clashot, owned by Depositphotos, is a popular photography marketplace. Users upload photos for potential buyers. The sale price varies, but photographers receive 44% of the selling price. Clashot also features an Instagram-like interface for following other photographers and viewing their updates.

Do What You Love

Photography is an art that you should learn, whether you want to turn it into a profession or not. If you pick it up as a profession or already have a career in photography, you need to try these apps to sell photos.

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Building a profile and getting your name out there will take time. It is easier said than done, and the sooner you begin, the better it is.

Even as a hobbyist, you can earn cash and improve your skills by gathering feedback from other photographers and buyers.

Next up: We figure that you love taking photos, but editing them on the move can be a pain. How about using apps to do that? Check out our comparison of two of the best photography apps for Android.

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