4 Ways to Show Desktop on a Mac

4 Ways to Show Desktop on a Mac

It’s easy to access the desktop on a Windows PC. But if you’ve switched to a MacBook and are wondering how to do the same, we can assist. MacBooks also offer simple yet undiscovered methods to display the desktop. For example, you can click on the wallpaper, use a trackpad gesture, or set up a Hot Corner. Let’s explore these options for showing the desktop on a Mac.

4 Ways to Show Desktop on a Mac

To show the desktop on Mac, all open windows will be hidden. On the desktop, you can view and interact with MacBook widgets, open files and apps quickly, or change wallpaper.

1. By Clicking on Wallpaper

macOS Sonoma by Apple introduces a simple way to access the desktop. Just click on your MacBook’s wallpaper to show the desktop and click again to hide it and show open apps. This method is tested on macOS Sonoma and works in any app and in Stage Manager.

4 Ways to Show Desktop on a Mac

If you can’t see the desktop when you click the wallpaper, go to System Settings > Desktop & Dock. Find the ‘Click wallpaper to reveal desktop’ option. Choose ‘Only in Stage Manager’ and select Always.

4 Ways to Show Desktop on a Mac

2. Use macOS Keyboard Shortcut to Show Desktop

If you prefer keyboard shortcuts, macOS has two ways to show the desktop. Press Fn + F11 or F11 to reveal the desktop. Alternatively, use Command + F3 (Mission Control) to go to the desktop on your MacBook.

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4 Ways to Show Desktop on a Mac

If the macOS shortcut to show the desktop isn’t working, go to System Settings > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts. Click on Mission Control in the sidebar and check Show Desktop. Also, ensure it says F11 for the Show Desktop keyboard shortcut.

4 Ways to Show Desktop on a Mac

Use keyboard shortcuts Command + M to minimize windows and Command + H to hide windows on MacBook.

3. View Desktop on Mac Using Trackpad Gesture

If you like using gestures, there’s a trackpad gesture to view the desktop on Mac. To use the show desktop gesture, place your hand on the trackpad and swipe three fingers away from the thumb. To hide the desktop, use the pinch-in gesture with three fingers and thumb, i.e., bring the three fingers close to the thumb.

4 Ways to Show Desktop on a Mac

The gesture is enabled by default. However, if the trackpad gesture is not working, go to System Settings > Trackpad. Click on the More Gestures tab and enable the toggle next to Show Desktop.

4 Ways to Show Desktop on a Mac

4. From Corners

Hot Corners is a feature in MacBooks that allows you to assign functions like Mission Control or Launchpad to your screen’s four corners. You can activate these functions by moving your cursor to the assigned corner.

To set up the desktop as one of the Hot Corners on a MacBook, follow these steps:

1. Open System Settings.

2. Go to Desktop & Dock and click on the Hot Corners button.

4 Ways to Show Desktop on a Mac

Step 3: Click on the drop-down box next to a corner and select Desktop, then click Done.

4 Ways to Show Desktop on a Mac

That’s it. Move your cursor to the assigned corner to show the desktop on your Mac.

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Bonus: How to Fix App Icons or Files Not Showing in Desktop or Stage Manager

You may not see desktop items like app icons and hard drives in Stage Manager by default. But if you don’t see them on your regular desktop as well, you must enable the Show items setting below.

Step 1: Go to System Settings and click on Desktop & Dock.

Step 2: Go to the Desktop & Stage Manager section and check the box for On Desktop to show items on your desktop.

If you want to show them in Stage Manager too, select the box for ‘In Stage Manager’.

4 Ways to Show Desktop on a Mac

Know Your MacBook

Here are some easy methods to show the desktop on a MacBook. Before you go, find out where “my computer” is on a MacBook and learn how to edit screenshots on Mac.

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