4 Ways to Make Your Rooted Android Phone Run Faster

4 Ways to Make Your Rooted Android Phone Run Faster

Yesterday we saw 5 useful ways to speed up a non-rooted Android phone. As we mentioned, a rooted Android device has an extra edge over non-rooted devices, offering additional tips to make it even faster.

Now, let’s look at 4 more ways to speed up a rooted Android device.

Note: These tips require skilled hands. If you’re not familiar with rooting Android phones and installing custom patches, it’s better to stick with the tips we mentioned for non-rooted phones. We are not responsible for any issues that may arise during the process.

By default, many apps come with the App2SD feature, which moves some files to your phone’s SD card and creates a symlink to the ROM files. This can free up ROM memory and improve phone performance. However, App2SD is not available on all applications by default.

If you have a rooted phone, you can use dedicated apps like DroidSail Super App2SD (ROOT) to move apps to and from the SD card. This app can assist you with that task.

By default, an Android phone is set to a specific CPU clock frequency, governed by the device kernel. Some Android developers create custom kernels that support overclocking. If you install a kernel with overclocking capabilities, you can increase your device’s CPU clock speed, resulting in faster performance.

When opening and running a factory-sealed phone, it typically comes with a stock ROM. These stock ROMs are designed for the general public and often contain unnecessary features. Conversely, custom ROMs are developed by individuals or teams who take the stock ROM framework, optimize it, and improve its speed and scalability.

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If you’re interested in finding custom ROMs or kernels for your phone, the Android XDA Forum is a great resource.

4. Uninstall Bloatware

Some apps come preinstalled with your stock ROM that you don’t need. In ICS, a user can disable these apps. However, if you have an Android phone without ICS, you can still uninstall these system apps and free up space using a third-party app.

4 Ways to Make Your Rooted Android Phone Run Faster

Titanium Backup is a top app for this purpose.


Try these tips to make your Android phone run faster. If you have more tips, share them in the comments section.

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