4 Tips to Protect Your Eyes from Computer Screens

4 Tips to Protect Your Eyes from Computer Screens

When was the last time you went a day without looking at a screen? I don’t think you might remember — good for you if you do — but from laptops at home and office to smartphones at play or party, we’re surrounded by screens all the time these days.

4 Tips to Protect Your Eyes from Computer Screens

Internet-connected devices like smartphones and laptops have contributed to enhanced productivity. However, spending excessive time on screens strains our eyes. Many people suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome due to prolonged screen time, which can lead to health complications. To prevent future eye issues, here are a few ways to relax your eyes between these strenuous on-screen hours.

Modify Your Reading Habits

4 Tips to Protect Your Eyes from Computer Screens

Paper is still alive! If you’re an avid reader and consume a lot of news or books online, consider switching to printed books, newspapers, and magazines. Newspapers cost very little, and magazines often include both online and print editions for a slightly higher price. Additionally, having print books as part of your home decor is a nice touch, and you won’t have to worry about them running out of battery. Reading on a screen strains the eyes, mainly because of the backlit displays. If you still want to use technology, consider using a Kindle without a backlit display.

Monitor Your On-Screen Time

4 Tips to Protect Your Eyes from Computer Screens

According to a Nielsen report, adults spend more than 11 hours staring at a screen daily, a significant portion of our 16-18 hour days.

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To track screen time, you can either maintain a simple document or use apps like Moment (for iOS) or QualityTime (for Android).

Moment tracks phone screen time, providing exact usage statistics, while QualityTime also monitors app usage.

By monitoring screen time, you can identify the cause of headaches and blurry vision and take steps to reduce excessive usage.

4 Tips to Protect Your Eyes from Computer Screens

You can review the text on your own, but often we’re too engrossed in our work (or entertainment) to keep track of the time we’ve spent in front of the screen.

No worries, as there are plenty of tools to assist you. You can use Windows-based tools like Big Stretch Reminder or EyeLeo to set custom reminders and give yourself breaks during strenuous hours.

Another helpful tool is a Chrome extension called eyeCare. It not only sets reminders but also suggests eye and back exercises to help you relax.

Additionally, you can use a timer on your PC or smartphone to set reminders. Take breaks from the screen, close your eyes for a while, or look away.

By utilizing these tools, you can prioritize your well-being and maintain a healthy balance between screen time and breaks.

You can use EVO, a website that offers pre-set and custom timers. This tool will notify you when it’s time to take a break.

Keep a Notepad Handy

4 Tips to Protect Your Eyes from Computer Screens

Undoubtedly, there are many note keeping apps and tools for smartphones and computers, but taking notes on paper can reduce stress caused by screens.

If you’re a student or work in an office, taking notes on paper will significantly reduce screen time. If you want digital copies, you can take a photo of the handwritten note.

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Spending too much time in front of a screen without taking breaks can harm your eyes, and sitting at your computer without stretching can harm your well-being.

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