4 Inexpensive Phones for Calls and Emergencies Only

4 Inexpensive Phones for Calls and Emergencies Only

The downside to the smartphone revolution is how often we get sucked into devices and the internet. Smartphones have so many features that their primary function – being a phone – gets buried. In times of need, it’s easier to carry something simpler. The world still has basic and essential cell phones available. Some cell phones are meant to function as phones only. Make calls to family and friends, dial for emergency services, and maybe even do some light texting with these devices.

SpareOne Plus

The SpareOne Plus is the only mobile phone for emergencies that runs on an AA battery. The phone design has bulges on the front and back to accommodate the battery and thins out where extra space isn’t necessary.

4 Inexpensive Phones for Calls and Emergencies Only

Looking like a small white and red television remote, the SpareOne Plus is designed with emergencies as its priority. It includes a numeric keypad and a SIM card slot to dial anyone if you have an existing mobile phone number, but has a large emergency button in the center should you ever need it. The emergency feature doesn’t require a SIM card. The AA battery SpareOne includes has enough power to keep the phone charged for decades, given the minuscule amount of power it uses. It sells for $59.99 without any contracts and comes in two models depending on the GSM bands your country supports.

The Light Phone

The Light Phone is a sleek, white device the size of a credit card with a touch-LED keypad for making calls.

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4 Inexpensive Phones for Calls and Emergencies Only

The Light Phone works with your phone, using call forwarding and a SIM card. While your main smartphone is charging, you can slip The Light Phone in your pocket as needed. It gets up to 20 days of battery life on standby.

The Light Phone doesn’t have an emergency button, but the unadorned nature of the device makes it easy to dial emergency services in a threatening situation.

Out of all the phones on this list, it’s the simplest and most convenient. It’s available through a Kickstarter project for pre-order, but should then go on sale on the website and elsewhere. If you think $100 is pricey for a tiny, incapable phone like this, bear in mind that it’s without contract or carrier subsidy.


The Jitterbug phone has been around for years, targeting older people who may not be familiar with modern smartphones. The Jitterbug5 is the latest model and offers something for everyone. With its large, simple buttons and clamshell design, Jitterbug5 evokes a sense of nostalgia.

4 Inexpensive Phones for Calls and Emergencies Only

Jitterbug operates independently and offers minute, text, and emergency service plans through a partnership with Samsung and GreatCall. The Jitterbug5 includes a button for 5Star service to contact an emergency agent at any time, starting at $19.99/month. If you don’t choose 5Star, you can purchase minutes or text messages separately, with prices starting at $19.99/month for 50 minutes. Discounts apply when purchasing minutes and texts together with 5Star. The Jitterbug5 phone itself costs $99 without a contract. Despite the cost, it provides emergency services, calling, texting, a camera, and a 25-day standby time, making it one of the most feature-complete choices in its minimalistic category.

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Jitterbug Touch3

Smartphones can also be helpful in emergencies. A good option for smartphone beginners who want the convenience of a flip phone is the Jitterbug Touch3. It has a 4-inch touchscreen display.

4 Inexpensive Phones for Calls and Emergencies Only

The Jitterbug Touch3 builds on Jitterbug5’s foundation with features like a 5MP camera, web browsing, app capabilities, and signature emergency agent access. Menus and buttons are large and easy to tap on the screen. It runs on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

The Jitterbug Touch3 costs $149.99 without contracts and requires a data plan starting at $2.49 per month for 40MB.

Please note that, like the Jitterbug5, the Touch3 is a standalone device and requires a minute plan with optional texting and emergency service access. The pricing structure for these services remains the same as with the Jitterbug5.

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