4 Helpful Gmail Labs Features For Sending Emails Quickly and Easily

4 Helpful Gmail Labs Features For Sending Emails Quickly and Easily

If you regularly read Twothirds.Us, you know we’re huge Gmail fans. But did you know you can make Gmail even better with Gmail Labs? Google describes Labs as a testing ground for experimental features that aren’t quite ready for the mainstream, but still work well. In mail settings, you’ll find a range of useful features that can revolutionize the way we browse, send, and receive emails. Today, let’s focus on the features that make it easier and quicker to send emails.

If you haven’t tried Gmail Labs, here are four impressive features to start with. Find these features under Labs (once you’ve enabled Labs) and use the checkboxes to enable or disable them. Remember to click Save after making any changes.

Inserting Images

4 Helpful Gmail Labs Features For Sending Emails Quickly and Easily

Someone rightly said, “An image when properly used is worth thousands of words,” and we are about to implement that saying with this lab feature. After enabling this feature in labs, you can insert images into a message body instead of sending them as attachments. When the reader opens your mail, they will see the included images in the mail along with the text without the need to download them separately.

Undo Send

Once you send an email using a day-to-day email service, there is no turning back. These services don’t give you the option to undo your actions. However, if you are a Gmail user, you can activate the “undo send” feature in the labs section.

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After activating this feature, a small “undo” link will appear at the top of each sent email, giving you the chance to change your mind within a certain time frame before it is delivered to the recipient’s inbox.

The link only remains for a few seconds (you can customize the time frame) and you need to click instantly, just when your ‘oops’ realization occurs. It’s an amazing feature that can save you from getting embarrassed due to dumb and impulsive emails which, let’s admit it, most of us tend to send often.

Canned Response

If you receive a large number of daily emails and tend to respond with just a simple “thank you” or “sorry, I’m busy,” the “Canned Response” feature in Labs is perfect for you.

Using this feature, you can save frequently used responses and easily reuse them later. To set up Canned Response, first enable it in Mail Labs. Then, when composing a new email, click on Canned Response and select “New canned response.” Give your response a name and click OK. From then on, simply click the Canned Response button to send quick email responses.

Background Send

Ever faced the situation when you need to do a lot of email work in Gmail and you are stuck staring at the screen while Gmail shows “Sending” for that email? You can’t navigate away because that could cause the sending to fail. Those seconds add up to a loss of time and productivity.

Now with the “Background Send” lab feature, you can carry on with your work in Gmail while the mail is being sent. It’ll keep sending it in the background without bothering you.

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Out of the many available features, the above were my favorites. If there are any other Labs features worth mentioning that you want to share with our readers, the comments section awaits you!

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