4 Excellent Tools to Improve English Grammar

4 Excellent Tools to Improve English Grammar

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As a blogger, I understand the importance of grammar in any language. Grammar is the foundation of a language, and this holds particularly true for English, which is the global lingua franca. Luckily, you no longer need to hire a tutor to learn the fundamentals of grammar. The internet offers a 24/7 helpline, providing access to four excellent tools that can help you improve your English grammar. By utilizing these tools, you will notice a significant difference in your language skills.

Road To Grammar

4 Excellent Tools to Improve English Grammar

Road To Grammar is a site that teaches grammar with practice quizzes. It’s great for ESL, TESL, EFL, TEFL, and TOEFL preparation. Choose a topic, take Flash quizzes, and download them as a PDF for offline practice. Get the questions right to earn points.

Each question is linked to a Note, which explains grammar rules with examples. The Games section provides extra practice. Teachers can access activity lessons and downloads for teaching grammar to students. Younger learners also have a section on Road To Grammar.

Grammar Girl

4 Excellent Tools to Improve English Grammar

If you haven’t heard of Grammar Girl (Mignon Fogarty), then you haven’t found the right grammar site. It is one of the most popular English language sites on the web and covers all the grammar rules, including punctuation and word choice. You can listen to the short podcasts on your MP3 player or smartphone while on the go.

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After The Deadline

4 Excellent Tools to Improve English Grammar

After The Deadline, also known as PolishMyWriting.com, is a tool that helps correct written English. It uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology to detect spelling errors, grammar faults, and style issues, offering smart suggestions to improve English. You can use the online interface, Firefox add-on, or Google Chrome extension to input your text. Plug-ins are also available for WordPress and OpenOffice.

4 Excellent Tools to Improve English Grammar

Common Errors in English Usage may seem out of place in today’s world of modern and stylish websites, but it remains one of the most comprehensive and valuable resources available. It contains an extensive collection of commonly misunderstood usages, which we often encounter on a daily basis.

For example, did you know that while you cook on a grill, the word “grille” refers to a metal framework over an opening? Common Errors in English Usage is not only available as a book but also as a website, featuring alphabetical listings of frequently misused words along with explanations and examples.

There are numerous websites catering to grammar learners, whether you’re a native English speaker or learning it as a second language. Do you have any recommendations for such sites?

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