4 Easy Ways to Copy and Paste Text on Android

4 Easy Ways to Copy and Paste Text on Android

Copying and pasting text on Android phones can be tricky, as there are no keyboard shortcuts or right-click menus. However, it is still simple to do. Here’s how:

4 Easy Ways to Copy and Paste Text on Android

You can easily copy and paste any text on your Android device, including messages, links, or other content. Additionally, you can even copy text that cannot be selected. Here’s how to do it:

1. Copy Text on Android in Browser and Other Apps

To copy text on Android phones, simply follow these steps:

1. Long-press on the first word of the text you want to copy.

2. Two selection bubble icons will appear. Drag either bubble to select the desired text. Tap “Copy” from the pop-up menu.

3. The copied text will be saved to your phone’s clipboard and can be pasted into any app.

4 Easy Ways to Copy and Paste Text on Android

On Samsung Galaxy phones, the pop-up menu may show Dictionary and another option instead of Copy. To copy the text, tap the three-dot icon and then select Copy. Alternatively, you can choose Select all and then Copy to copy all the text displayed on the page.

4 Easy Ways to Copy and Paste Text on Android

Step 3: To paste the selected text, open the preferred app and hold the finger in the text space. Select Paste from the menu.

4 Easy Ways to Copy and Paste Text on Android

If you use Gboard, you will see the copied text in the top bar of the keyboard. The Gboard app will also extract useful information like number, address, and email ID from the copied text, which you can paste directly without pasting all copied text.

2. Copy and Paste a Text Message on Android

To copy text messages on Android phones, you cannot use the method mentioned above. Instead, follow these instructions:

Copy a Text Message in the Google Messages App

Step 1: Open the Google Messages app and select the desired message conversation. Step 2: Long-press the message text and tap Copy in the top bar to copy the message. Step 3: Open any app and long-press the text box. Select Paste from the menu.

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4 Easy Ways to Copy and Paste Text on Android

Press the Clock icon after selecting a message in the Google Messages app to set a reminder for the selected message.

Unfortunately, Google Messages doesn’t let you select only a part of a text message. You can do it manually by copying the entire message first, and then paste it into any app, such as a note-taking app. Once pasted, delete the text you don’t want to keep. Then, copy the remaining part and paste it wherever required.

You can also forward a message directly in the Messages app on any Android phone instead of copy-pasting it. Long-press the message, select Forward. If you don’t see it, tap on the three-dot icon followed by Forward.

Copy a Text Message on Samsung Phones

If you use the Samsung Messages app instead of Google Messages, follow these steps to copy messages:

1. Launch the Samsung Messages app and open the message you want to copy.

2. Long-press on the message and select “Copy text” from the menu. The entire message will be copied to your clipboard.

4 Easy Ways to Copy and Paste Text on Android

If you want to copy a text message, select the text instead of copying it. Drag the selection bubble to keep the part you want. Choose “Copy” from the menu.

4 Easy Ways to Copy and Paste Text on Android

To make the content more concise and impactful, I have reviewed the provided text and eliminated redundant words or phrases. Here is the revised version:

If you don’t see Copy in the menu, tap on the three-dot icon followed by Copy.

Once the desired message is copied, open a different message thread or any other app where you want to paste it. Then, long-press in the text box and select Paste from the menu.

3. Copy Link Text

To copy a website link from the address bar in browsers like Chrome, Samsung Internet, etc., simply tap on the address bar and select “Copy.” This will copy the link to your phone’s clipboard.

4 Easy Ways to Copy and Paste Text on Android

To copy links, long-press on the link and select Copy link address. Copying link text only copies the text, not the link itself.

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4 Easy Ways to Copy and Paste Text on Android

4. Copy Text From Apps That Don’t Allow You to Copy

Many apps like YouTube and Instagram don’t allow text copying from comments or descriptions. Some PDFs also restrict text copying. Take a screenshot and use Google Photos or Google Lens to extract text from the image.

Here’s how to copy unselectable text on an Android phone:

1. Open the app with the text you want to copy.

2. Capture a screenshot of the screen.

3. Launch the pre-installed Google app on your phone.

4. Tap the Lens icon in the search bar and choose the screenshot.

Step 5: Long-press on the screenshot text and use the selection bubbles to highlight the desired text. Tap Copy in the menu.

4 Easy Ways to Copy and Paste Text on Android

Learn how to use Google Photos to extract text from pictures. Also, check out other ways to copy text from Instagram posts.

Bonus Tip: Copy Unselectable Text on Google Pixel Phones

On Google Pixel phones, you have a special feature to copy text from apps that don’t allow copying, even from images. Here’s how to use it:

1. Open the desired screen in the app and then open the Recent Apps screen.

2. Long-press the text in the Recent Apps and use the selection bar to choose the preferred text.

3. Tap Copy from the menu. This feature also works for copying images or links on Google Pixel phones.

4 Easy Ways to Copy and Paste Text on Android

On Samsung Galaxy phones, you can use Smart Select to copy and extract text. This feature is helpful when you want to quickly copy specific text from a webpage or document without selecting the entire page. Here’s a simple guide on how to use Smart Select on your Samsung Galaxy phone:

1. Open the webpage or document that contains the text you want to copy.

2. Open the Edge panel by swiping from the right side of the screen or by tapping the Edge panel handle.

3. In the Edge panel, find the Smart Select icon. It usually looks like a rectangle with a line on top.

4. Tap the Smart Select icon to activate it.

5. Once activated, you’ll see a toolbar with different selection options. You can choose between Rectangle, Oval, and Freeform.

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6. Select the option that suits your needs. For example, if you want to copy a single line of text, you can choose the Rectangle option and drag the selection box around the desired text.

7. After selecting the text, you’ll see a menu at the bottom of the screen with options such as Copy, Share, and Save. Tap the Copy option to copy the selected text.

8. Now you can paste the copied text wherever you need it, such as in a note-taking app, messaging app, or search bar.

Using Smart Select on your Samsung Galaxy phone is a convenient way to quickly copy and extract text without the need to manually select and copy the entire page. Give it a try and see how it simplifies your copying and extracting process!

Sync Android Clipboard

Here are some helpful ways to copy and paste text on Android phones. Before you go, make sure to share and sync your Android phone’s keyboard with PC. Also, consider checking out the best keyboard apps with a built-in clipboard.

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