4 Best Wireless Charging Power Banks for iPhone

4 Best Wireless Charging Power Banks for iPhone

Wireless charging is a popular feature in many phones, including the new Apple iPhones (iPhone 8, iPhone X, and new variants). Therefore, it’s important to choose a power bank that supports wireless charging. One advantage of wireless charging is that you don’t need to carry a power cable when you want to charge your phone on the go. Simply attach your phone to the power bank, and it will recharge your iPhone.

4 Best Wireless Charging Power Banks for iPhone

Most iPhones support a maximum wireless charging of 7.5-watt by default. The power bank you choose should also support this wattage and include other ports and connectors. Wireless charging is generally slow, so having additional ports, preferably a USB-C port with Power Delivery, will help you charge your iPhone quickly. Here are some of the best wireless charging power banks for iPhones. Before that, consider these durable lightning cables if you have a frayed lightning cable, or these GaN wall adapters for fast charging.

1. Kenu BingeBank 10000 mAh Power Bank

4 Best Wireless Charging Power Banks for iPhone

Kenu BingeBank 10000 mAh Power Bank

The BingeBank power bank features a small 2.4-inch nano-suction grip at the front. This pad prevents phones from slipping, especially during vibrations. It offers 18W charging over USB-C PD (which also charges the power bank) and a Quick Charge 3.0 compatible USB-A port. The power bank is portable, measuring roughly 6.3 x 4.17 x 1.26 inches. It can also be used to charge MacBook Pro or other compatible USB-C laptops (slow charging) and compatible Android phones.

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The wireless charging speed is decent. You don’t need to push any extra buttons. Just place your iPhone on the pad, and it will be taken care of.

The BingeBank can refill an iPhone 11 from 0 to 15-percent in 30 minutes and to 31-percent in about an hour, according to The Wirecutter. The convenience of leaving the power cable behind comes at the cost of speed.

The 18W USB-C port is reliable for quickly charging your iPhone.

In addition to the pad, it includes a folding stand for handsfree viewing of movies and TV shows. It works in both portrait and vertical mode.

This wireless power bank weighs 12.7 ounces.

2. Aukey Wireless 10000mAh Portable Charger

4 Best Wireless Charging Power Banks for iPhone

Aukey Wireless 10000mAh Portable Charger

Another power bank with wireless charging is the 10000mAh Aukey Wireless charger. It features a USB-C port with Power Delivery and a USB-A port supporting Quick Charge 3.0. In terms of wireless charging, this device outputs at 5W, 7.5W, and 10W, making it suitable for Apple iPhones and other phones that support wireless charging.

While it lacks the suction power of the previous device, the matte polish on the Aukey Wireless charger prevents your iPhone from falling over. Although it is not as effective as the mentioned pad, it still gets the job done.

The wireless charging speed is decent, and so is the time the power bank needs to charge itself. Additionally, Power Delivery 3.0 and Quick Charge 3.0 make wired charging fast. The LED indicators on the side show the charge left on the device.

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3. Anker PowerCore

4 Best Wireless Charging Power Banks for iPhone

Anker PowerCore

Another power bank, the Anker PowerCore, has a 10,000mAh battery and a sleek design for easy portability. However, its wireless charging is slow at 5W. It also features two USB-A ports with a combined power output of 12W.

The Anker PowerCore is priced similarly to the previously mentioned devices and performs its function effectively. It can charge an iPhone wirelessly or simultaneously through wired and wireless methods.

Overall, the 10,000mAh battery capacity of the Anker PowerCore is sufficient for everyday use, as long as the power bank is kept charged.

If you’re an advanced user, there are limitations. For example, you need to press a button to initiate wireless charging. While it’s not much of an ask, it can be a bottleneck, especially if you’re forgetful. The USB-A ports don’t support Quick Charging, and the total power of 12W may not be enough for fast charging. On the bright side, if you can survive with slow charging, this $35 power bank is a good buy. Importantly, it’s small and weighs just 7.4 ounces.

4. Ampere Full Circle

4 Best Wireless Charging Power Banks for iPhone

Ampere Full Circle

If you’re looking for a unique wireless power bank for your iPhone, the Ampere Full Circle power bank is a great choice. It has a teardrop design and can be wirelessly charged with 15W input. When it comes to wireless charging, it offers a 10W output and has a large charging pad. The pad contains three wireless charging coils, ensuring continuous power even if your phone moves. To prevent your phone from falling off during charging, the pad is equipped with anti-slip rings. Additionally, the slightly raised design allows easy viewing of notifications and media content.

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This power bank has some issues. Firstly, the unique shape makes it harder to hold compared to a flat-designed device. Secondly, if you put both the phone and power bank in your backpack, the raised platform might cause the phone to dislodge. It’s available in five colors, and the black and yellow combination looks great.

Go Wireless

The increasing popularity of wireless charging devices has led to a rise in power banks that support this feature. Before making a purchase, it is important to check if the device is compatible with wireless charging for your Apple Watch.

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