4 Best Sony PlayStation 5 Cooling Stands

4 Best Sony PlayStation 5 Cooling Stands

The Sony PlayStation 5 gaming console has a new design, but the latest iteration runs warmer. To keep your PS5 cool during gameplay, there are cooling stands you can use while playing Far Cry 6 or Ghost of Tsushima.

4 Best Sony PlayStation 5 Cooling Stands

PlayStation 5 cooling stands have multiple benefits. They regulate air flow within the console and serve as charging stations for controllers. Additionally, they provide a neat and organized appearance on your gaming desk. If you’re interested in purchasing a cooling stand, here are our top recommendations. Before that, consider these gaming monitors with HDMI 2.1 connectors and these RGB lighting strips to enhance your room’s aesthetic.

1. Kootek Vertical Stand

4 Best Sony PlayStation 5 Cooling Stands

Kootek Vertical Stand

The Kootek stand for the PS5 is a horizontal stand that holds the PS5 and two DualSense controllers. It also has USB ports for a keyboard or wired mouse.

The fans at the bottom cool the PS5 and help organize your gaming desk. It is powered by the PS5.

As a cooling station, it is not entirely noise-free. The fans create a slight buzz, but it is not noticeable while gaming or with noise-canceling headphones.

2. Auarte Vertical Stand With Cooling Fan

4 Best Sony PlayStation 5 Cooling Stands

Auarte Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan

Another affordable cooling stand for the PS5 is Auarte’s. It has a similar design to the one mentioned above, with air blowing from the bottom. Additionally, this stand includes three USB ports and provides extra space for connecting peripherals.

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This stand can also charge through the PS5 using a USB connection. However, the fans do not operate when the console is in rest mode or turned off.

Despite its attractive low price, this product has received mixed reviews. Some users have reported issues with the charging ports after a few months of use. On the positive side, the manufacturer offers a replacement or refund for defective items.

If you need a temporary solution, this stand is a decent choice.

3. Mes Merry Vertical Stand with Headset Holder

4 Best Sony PlayStation 5 Cooling Stands

Mes Merry Vertical Stand with Headset Holder

The Mes Merry cooling stand for the PlayStation 5 is a bit more expensive than its counterparts, but it offers several interesting features. It can hold two DualSense controllers and also has a stand for keeping headphones and the remote cool, which is pretty cool, right?

It functions in a similar way, meaning that the fans will stop running when the power to the PS5 is disconnected. The good news is that the fans will operate if you connect them using the USB-C adapter, and there are four of them. Now, that’s cool.

Aside from keeping the gaming console cool, this horizontal stand also serves as a holder for some of your accessories. It’s a popular product on Amazon with over 300 user reviews, praised for its affordable price tag and stylish appearance.

4 Best Sony PlayStation 5 Cooling Stands

NexiGo Vertical Stand

Last but not least, we have the NexiGo stand. It is popular for its quiet fans, despite having dual fans. The stand ensures distraction-free gaming and is easy to assemble and use.

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This stand focuses on accessory organization. It features a headphone stand, space for DualSense controllers, and wedges on the sides to hold game CDs.

However, one limitation is that it doesn’t attach directly to the PlayStation, which may cause the console to wobble. Despite this, the stand has received positive reviews for its user-friendly design and installation process.

As Cool as a Cucumber

The Sony PlayStation 5 doesn’t overheat easily, even when playing high-intensity games and downloading other games in the background. However, if you want a cooling stand for peace of mind, these four options are your best.

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