4 Best Smart Microwave Ovens With Alexa Support

4 Best Smart Microwave Ovens With Alexa Support

It’s almost 2023, and smart features have made their way to almost all gadgets and appliances, including microwave ovens. They make cooking easy. The best part is that these smart microwave ovens with Alexa support come with presets to let you cook certain food with voice commands.

4 Best Smart Microwave Ovens With Alexa Support

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your microwave oven, here are the best smart microwaves with Alexa support. But first, consider these:

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1. GE Smart Countertop Microwave Oven

4 Best Smart Microwave Ovens With Alexa Support

GE Smart Countertop Microwave Oven

The GE Smart Microwave Oven is an affordable appliance compatible with Amazon Alexa. With its smart voice commands and scan-to-cook feature, cooking becomes a breeze. This 900W oven offers 0.9 cubic feet of cooking space. It also supports Alexa, making it one of the most affordable smart microwaves on the market.

Using Alexa voice commands is simple and convenient. You can easily adjust the cooking time by saying “add 30 seconds” or start the timer and adjust the power level. Additionally, you have the ability to pause or stop the cook remotely. The Alexa commands work flawlessly and support up to 70 different commands.

The scan and cook feature is clever. However, you need to install the companion app on your phone. Once installed, you can scan the food barcode, and the microwave oven will adjust the time and power settings. This feature handles defrosting and heating. The catch is that the food must be in GE’s database. Otherwise, you will need to manually enter the settings.

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Aside from that, this smart microwave oven works as intended. The power is slightly low, but it’s still a good deal for the price, especially considering the smart features.

2. Toshiba ML-EM34P(SS) Smart Microwave Oven

4 Best Smart Microwave Ovens With Alexa Support

Toshiba ML-EM34P(SS)

The Toshiba smart microwave oven has a key feature: the Mute button. Gone are the annoying beeping noises that occur when cooking is finished. Instead, you can mute them. This oven does not have Alexa built-in. Instead, you need to connect to the Alexa app on your phone or an Echo smart speaker. It is a powerful oven compared to the previous models. With 1.3 cubic feet, it requires ample countertop space.

Compared to the one above, it’s a powerful microwave oven, and offers a bigger space. The latter is useful if you want a slightly bigger oven for your family. Like the one above, there are a few presets for popular foods like pizza and one-touch buttons for popcorn and potato. The popcorn button works as intended, but a few users have complained that the Alexa commands for the exact weight and power settings do not work at times. That said, simple commands like pausing the block and stopping the timer work as expected.

The Toshiba ML-EM34P(SS) smart countertop microwave oven is popular for its value and simplicity. However, it has a flaw: the clock often displays the wrong time. Despite being internet-connected, it doesn’t update to the current time and instead keeps the old daylight savings time.

Nevertheless, this smart microwave oven offers the best of both worlds. It’s affordable and provides ample space to cool or reheat food. Plus, Alexa commands add to the enjoyment.

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3. Sharp Microwave With Amazon Alexa Support

4 Best Smart Microwave Ovens With Alexa Support

Sharp Microwave with Amazon Alexa

Sharp offers a 1,000W stainless steel microwave oven with Amazon Alexa. It can heat, defrost, and cook potatoes and popcorn, and responds to 70 voice commands. To use the Alexa feature, you need to connect the oven to an Amazon Echo device via Wi-Fi. This oven also has a barcode scanning function and a standout feature called Sensor Cook. It can detect the amount of vapor in the oven and adjust the cooking time accordingly.

Another useful feature is One-Touch cooking, ideal for making small snacks like popcorn or heating beverages. Digital Trends tested this with Redenbacher’s popcorn and it came out perfectly. In addition, this Sharp oven has presets for 23 other food items, including pizza.

At 1.4 cubic feet, this Sharp smart microwave is larger and more powerful than the models mentioned earlier. If you want an oven that can do more than just reheat food, this one is a great option. Best Buy customers love its easy setup and seamless integration with Alexa.

4. Panasonic NN-SV79MS Smart Microwave Oven

4 Best Smart Microwave Ovens With Alexa Support

Panasonic NN-SV79MS

Last but not least, the Panasonic NN-SV79MS microwave oven is a 1.4 cubic feet oven that takes up considerable space on your kitchen countertop. With its 1200W power, you’ll have enough power at your fingertips. However, it doesn’t have built-in Alexa capability, so you’ll need a smart Echo device to fully utilize it. Once connected, you’ll have access to over 100 voice commands.

You can use voice commands to melt butter or reheat soup, but make sure the oven is within range of Wi-Fi. The Alexa integration is seamless and has received high praise from many users on Amazon.

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Like the Sharp smart microwave ovens, this Panasonic oven also has a humidity sensor that adjusts cooking time and power based on steam from the food. It’s a large appliance, requiring ample countertop space. A 12-inch gap above is necessary.

This microwave oven is highly popular on Amazon with over 4,000 user reviews. Users appreciate its intuitive design and smooth interface. However, the high power level requires careful attention to cooking times, especially if transitioning from a low-power oven.

Alexa, Bring Out the Popcorn

Smart microwave ovens make cooking or reheating easier, but you still need to put the food in the oven. This means you can wake up to warm oatmeal if you give the command, but you must put the food in before bedtime and hope it doesn’t spoil. Smart microwaves with Alexa support allow for hands-free cooking, and they also have features like humidity sensors and one-touch buttons.

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