4 Best Smart Door Locks With Deadbolt

4 Best Smart Door Locks With Deadbolt

Smart door locks with deadbolts are great for those who don’t want to change their front door locks. In addition to providing convenience, these locks allow you to fully utilize your existing lock hardware. It’s essentially upgrading your current lock to a smart lock. Moreover, some smart door locks with deadbolts also support physical keys. This means that even without your smartphone, you can use a traditional key to enter.

4 Best Smart Door Locks With Deadbolt

There are many smart door locks with deadbolts available that are affordable and convenient.

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1. SimpliSafe Smart Lock

4 Best Smart Door Locks With Deadbolt

SimpliSafe Smart Lock

The SimpliSafe smart lock is one of the least expensive locks listed. Despite its low price, it offers several notable features such as temporary PIN generation, integration with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and smart locking mechanisms like Auto Lock and Away Mode.

Installing the SimpliSafe smart lock is a breeze, as many trusted reviewers have attested. It effortlessly attaches to your existing deadbolt, eliminating the need for any additional drilling. This makes it an ideal choice for renters and apartment dwellers.

The lock works as advertised, alerting you to an open door, generating temporary PINs, or triggering auto-lock functionality. The latter activates when Home mode or Away mode is enabled. Simply set the desired time and you’re done.

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The SimpliSafe smart lock is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You can use voice commands to arm the lock and lock the door. However, neither Alexa nor Assistant allows control of the door lock.

However, the SimpliSafe smart lock is not independent and relies on the in-house SimpliSafe app. The premium plan is priced at $25 per month and gives you access to features like PIN generation, alerts, and scheduling.

2. Wyze Smart Lock

4 Best Smart Door Locks With Deadbolt

Wyze Smart Lock

Wyze is known for its affordable gadgets, and the Wyze Smart Lock is the latest addition to their lineup. In terms of appearance, this smart lock may not be the most stylish, but it is efficient and surprisingly affordable. It is compact and features a small thumb turn. The app provides a detailed activity log, offering transparency regarding app usage.

The Wyze smart lock efficiently locks and unlocks the door as commanded. The companion app can be used for locking/unlocking or setting an auto-lock schedule. It also includes geofencing, which automatically unlocks the door when you’re nearby, useful when your hands are full after a long trip. Additionally, it alerts you when the door is left ajar.

However, the Wyze smart lock has some limitations. It doesn’t support Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, and the app doesn’t generate temporary PINs for house guests. You’ll need to download a separate app for that functionality. On the bright side, the app does offer 2FA authentication. Note that there is no keypad included, but you can purchase a separate keypad to complete the unit.

Unlike SimpliSafe, there’s no subscription fee for the smart lock. It’s a one-time investment, and although it has fewer features, you get what you pay for – a smart lock. While it may not be the most stylish lock, it efficiently responds to lock and unlock commands.

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3. August Smart Lock and Connect

4 Best Smart Door Locks With Deadbolt

August Smart Lock and Connect

Another smart door lock with a deadbolt is the August Smart Lock (3rd gen). It fits over the traditional lock and replaces the interior lock. One advantage is that you can unlock it with your house key or the companion app. Like the Wyze door lock, it doesn’t have a keypad. It has cool features like Auto Unlock, DoorSense, and Geofencing. It operates over Bluetooth.

The installation process is straightforward. Just follow the step-by-step guide. The August Smart Lock includes DoorSense, which alerts you if the door is left ajar or the lock hasn’t engaged properly.

As noted earlier, you can’t set PINs for your guests. However, the companion app allows you to create guest accounts for a fixed or recurring schedule, which is a major advantage.

A limitation of having a keyed entry is that you can’t deny access to anyone with a physical key to the door.

As mentioned earlier, the August Smart Lock is a Bluetooth-equipped lock and doesn’t support smart assistants. However, you can purchase the August Wi-Fi adapter for remote access to the lock, albeit at an additional cost.

It’s not without its issues though. Some users have complained about the lock being louder compared to its competitors.

If you prefer a doorknob, consider buying the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. It delivers an impressive performance and supports smart assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest, and Apple Homekit.

4. Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

4 Best Smart Door Locks With Deadbolt

Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

The Schlage Encode is a popular smart door lock with deadbolts. It stands out for its classic appearance and offers features like support for Amazon Alexa, Amazon Key, and Google Assistant, access codes, alerts and notifications, and auto-lock. Additionally, it includes a 12-button capacitive touch-screen keypad and key access.

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The front keypad allows you and your house members to enter key codes for access. Furthermore, you can create temporary and permanent key codes for both house members and temporary visitors. Currently, Schlage allows you to create up to 100 codes, which is significantly more than the 4 PINs offered by the SimpliSafe lock.

The Schlage Encode smart door lock supports voice commands, including both Alexa and Assistant. It also works with Amazon Key for garage deliveries. Like the previous model, it also allows for physical key entry and provides a lock history feature in the app. However, it does not support Apple HomeKit or IFTTT. The app and the lock itself are both fast, swiftly unlocking when the correct PIN is entered. The Schlage Encode is highly rated on Amazon, praised for its simple installation and strong performance.

Turn the Knob

If you choose a Wi-Fi smart lock, make sure your house has a strong Wi-Fi connection by the door. This will ensure fast locking and unlocking. If your internet connection is weak, get a Wi-Fi range extender.

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