4 Best Screen Protectors for Google Pixel Watch

4 Best Screen Protectors for Google Pixel Watch

The Google Pixel Watch is arguably the best-looking smartwatch currently. Thanks to its dome-like curved display, it has a unique and premium look. However, the curved display is susceptible to damage, so getting a Pixel Watch screen protector is the best way to protect it.

4 Best Screen Protectors for Google Pixel Watch

Finding good screen protectors for curved screens, especially ones as curved as the Pixel Watch’s, isn’t easy. However, we’ve simplified your search by finding the best options available. Here are some of the top Pixel Watch screen protectors to keep your smartwatch safe.

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Now, let’s focus on the screen protectors for your Pixel Watch.

4 Best Screen Protectors for Google Pixel Watch

ECSEM Case with Screen Protector

The first product is a case with a built-in screen protector for the Pixel Watch. It provides protection for both the screen and frame and comes in various colors. If you’re struggling to find a good screen protector, you should consider a screen protector case. It will keep your watch safe from scratches and dents, even on the frame, in case of accidental drops. The case has cutouts for the speaker, mic, and digital crown on the right.

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2. PANDESS 3D Curved Screen Protector Film

4 Best Screen Protectors for Google Pixel Watch

PANDESS 3D Curved Screen Protector Film

This PMMA screen protector from PANDESS is made of plastic but has a strong adhesive that sticks to and curves over the screen edges. The 3D curved circumference envelops the dome-shaped glass on the Pixel Watch for a seamless look. It is both protective and aesthetically pleasing.

PMMA screen protectors are preferred on curved displays like the Apple Watch because they can wrap around the curved edges without leaving air gaps. This 3D curved screen protector solves the issue by introducing a black border along the edge to cover the gap.

The thickness of this screen protector affects the screen’s touch sensitivity. However, the impact is minimal and can be tolerated. Occasionally, you may need to tap an icon twice for it to register.

3. Ringke Dual Easy Film

4 Best Screen Protectors for Google Pixel Watch

Ringke Dual Easy Film

The Pixel Watch screen protector from Ringke is a thin film that covers the flat portion of the display, but not the edges due to their steepness. It provides good protection against scratches, but won’t protect the display if it’s banged against a hard surface.

If you’re okay with leaving your watch’s bezels exposed, this Ringke Pixel Watch screen protector is a good choice. It adheres well to the screen and doesn’t cause any touch issues. However, it’s made of plastic and will scratch easily. Fortunately, you receive 3 protectors in the box, so it’s easy to replace a scratched one.

The Ringke Dual Easy Film is compatible with Pixel Watch cases as it doesn’t interfere with the bezels. Ringke claims that the screen protector has self-healing properties, so it should heal scratches over time. Apart from its smaller size compared to the display, there are no real downsides to this protector.

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4 Best Screen Protectors for Google Pixel Watch

IQ Shield Matte Full Body Protector

If you don’t mind a film-based screen protector, this is one of the best options available. The IQ Shield Matte full-body protector has an anti-glare finish and covers the entire body, not just the display. The matte coating adds a smooth texture, making the screen more legible outdoors. You also get basic protection for the frame and rear without a case.

The IQ Shield matte protector is a liquid-based screen protector, making the application process anything but straightforward. However, the result is a seamless screen protector that covers the entire front of the Pixel Watch, including the curved glass. Additionally, the matte texture improves the appearance of the watch and prevents fingerprints.

Since it is film-based, your watch will stay safe from scratches.

Keep That Display Shiny

The Google Pixel Watch has a beautiful display, and it would be a shame to damage it. To prevent this, you can get a Pixel Watch screen protector for protection against scratches and cracks.

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