4 Best RV Generators for Camping

4 Best RV Generators for Camping

If you own an RV or plan to get one, you’re already aware of its power requirements. Modern RVs function as homes on wheels with power-hungry appliances. While it’s easy to keep these appliances running with an AC power outlet, there are times when you go off the grid and must rely on your own power source. Here’s a list of the best RV generators for these situations.

4 Best RV Generators for Camping

The best portable generators for RVs come in different sizes and can run on gasoline or propane. There are also solar-powered power stations which we have covered in another post. So depending on your power requirements, you can choose a generator for your camper.

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4 Best RV Generators for Camping

Westinghouse Portable Generator

The Westinghouse Portable Generator is a cost-effective solution to power your RV and appliances on the road or during a power outage. It provides a maximum wattage of 4,650 watts and can run for up to 14 hours on 4 gallons of gasoline. The generator features a 212cc 4-Stroke OHV Westinghouse Engine with a cast iron sleeve for durability, a fuel gauge, and automatic low oil shutdown.

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