4 Best Power Banks for MacBook Pro

4 Best Power Banks for MacBook Pro

Power banks have evolved beyond just charging smartphones. With the advancement of technology, they can now also charge USB-C laptops like the Apple MacBook Pro. This method offers the advantage of charging your laptop anywhere, whether on a bus or an airplane.

4 Best Power Banks for MacBook Pro

Not all power banks are compatible with the Apple MacBook Pro. You need one with a USB-C Power Delivery port that can deliver the proper amount of power. The power bank must also provide enough power for your laptop and have some leftover for your smartphone.

Check the power requirements of your MacBook before purchasing a power bank. Laptops can typically handle power between 60W and 100W.

We have compiled a list of power banks specifically for the MacBook Pro.

Now, let’s take a look at them. But before that, here are some other helpful items:

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4 Best Power Banks for MacBook Pro

Easylonger 26800mAh Portable Charger

The Easylonger power bank is a 26,800mAh power bank with a 100W USB-C port. This power can charge the 16-inch Macbook Pro. It also includes two USB-A 3.0 ports for smartphones and peripherals.

For the 16-inch MacBook Pro, the power bank does not provide a full charge, but it can charge up to 80%. To connect the MacBook and the power bank, you just need a compatible USB-C cable.

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The Easylonger power bank supports faster charging and takes about 3 hours to recharge.

Despite the steep pricing, this power bank is not very durable. It is able to partially refuel the Apple MacBook, but its battery life is short. If you need something for the short term, it’s a decent choice. However, if you want a durable and dependable power bank, we recommend skipping this one.

2. Baseus 65W 20,000mAh Power Bank

4 Best Power Banks for MacBook Pro

Baseus 65W 20,000mAh Power Bank

The Baseus power bank is smaller, yet it refuels Apple MacBooks and other devices effectively. It has a 65W USB-C PD port and a 20,000mAh capacity. It fully charges a 13-inch MacBook and partially charges a 15-inch MacBook. Cool, right?

A lot depends on how you use your laptop. This power bank for MacBook Pro costs less and performs better on durability.

It has a USB-C port, two USB 3.0 ports, and a micro USB port. The USB-C port acts as the input and accepts Power Delivery compatible cables up to 60W.

This Baseus power bank has received many positive user reviews. People love it for its fast charging and affordable price. The best part is that it’s slim and has a premium metallic chassis. Aside from charging the Apple MacBook Pro, it also works well with Chromebooks and the MacBook Air. Please note that Baseus does not include a power adapter, so you will need to purchase one separately.

4 Best Power Banks for MacBook Pro

Anker PowerCore III Elite Portable Charger

The Anker PowerCore III Elite power bank is slightly more expensive than the Baseus power bank, but it has received great reviews for its performance and battery life. It has a similar battery capacity and power output, and it also supports the in-house PowerIQ tech. Additionally, it can charge USB-C laptops like the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. The PowerCore III Elite has two USB-A ports and can power three devices simultaneously, but for a full or 80%+ charge, you’ll need to disconnect the other two devices. Users have confirmed that it works as advertised, praising its size, weight, and slim form factor that makes it convenient for travel.

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Anker provides a USB-C to USB-C cable and a wall charger, which is a big advantage compared to the options mentioned earlier.

4 Best Power Banks for MacBook Pro

Omni 20+ 20000mah Laptop Power Bank

The Omnicharge Omni 20+ is a laptop power bank with USB-A and USB-C ports, as well as wireless charging. It can recharge MacBooks using the 60W USB-C port. This power bank has multiple ports, including standard USB-A and USB-C PD ports, an AC port, and a small DC port. The AC port supports up to 100W of power, while the USB-A ports can power smartphones up to 18W.

This versatile power bank, known as the Omni 20+, can charge a range of devices, from a MacBook Pro to a drone. Despite its versatility, the Omni 20+ has a fixed capacity of 20,000mAh. Therefore, you must carefully choose which devices you want to charge.

The Omni 20+ has received excellent reviews from its users, with over 1,000 positive reviews on Amazon. Users appreciate its versatility and its ability to charge devices while traveling.

If you are looking for a reliable power bank for your MacBook Pro, the Omni 20+ is a strong choice. However, note that wall adapters are not included.

Technology has advanced significantly since the introduction of power banks. Now, power banks can charge a variety of USB-C laptops. However, it is important to note that these power banks may not fully charge a 16-inch MacBook Pro. Nevertheless, they can provide enough power to partially charge the laptop, allowing you to complete your work.

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