4 Best Outdoor Smart Plugs With Alexa in the UK

4 Best Outdoor Smart Plugs With Alexa in the UK

Smart plugs allow you to control appliances from a distance, removing the need for physical switch operation. With your phone, you can even remotely turn off backyard lights or the water heater when you’re not home. Although smart plugs are effective indoors, not all of them can be used outdoors. Therefore, you require a weatherproof outdoor smart plug.

4 Best Outdoor Smart Plugs With Alexa in the UK

Most smart plugs are not water-resistant and cannot sustain extreme temperatures. Here are the best outdoor smart plugs with Alexa that you can buy in the UK. This way, you can use your voice to control your devices without worrying about rain or snow ruining your plug. Before we recommend the smart plugs, here are some other articles you may be interested in – smart string lights for Halloween and Christmas, and a comparison between smart plugs and smart outlets to help you decide which one’s better for you. Now, let’s take a look at the products.

1. Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug

4 Best Outdoor Smart Plugs With Alexa in the UK

Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug

Kasa is a sub-brand of TP-Link, known for their routers and networking products. The Kasa smart plug is IP64 rated, making it suitable for outdoor use even in wet conditions. It includes a waterproof cover for added protection. This smart plug is highly regarded by users and is particularly recommended for outdoor applications.

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The Kasa outdoor smart plug has a unique design that sets it apart from typical smart plugs. Its rugged exterior ensures it remains weatherproof, even in wet conditions. With a maximum load capacity of 15A, it can easily handle most appliances. The plug is compatible with Alexa, enabling control via the app or voice commands.

You don’t need a hub to control the Kasa outdoor smart plug. It connects directly to your Wi-Fi network and can establish a connection up to 300ft away. It’s fire retardant, which is helpful in case of a short circuit caused by water. Some users have mentioned in reviews that the waterproof cover breaks easily, making it difficult to protect the socket during heavy rainfall. The brand offers a 2-year warranty, but the conditions for claiming it are unclear.

4 Best Outdoor Smart Plugs With Alexa in the UK

Woox Smart Plug

This heavy-duty smart plug is rated IP66, meaning it provides better water resistance than the previous option. It features a fully enclosed socket to ensure safety in heavy rain or bright sunlight, and includes a water-resistant flap to prevent water from entering.

The Woox smart plug has a current rating of 13A, slightly lower than the Kasa plug’s 15A rating, but still suitable for most applications. Its rugged design offers protection against extreme conditions like heavy rain or snowfall, with a weatherproof exterior and a protective flap covering the connected plug.

The water stays out of the plug’s contacts, preventing a short circuit. This Alexa outdoor smart plug doesn’t need a hub and connects directly to your Wi-Fi. While most reviews are positive, some users found the instructions unhelpful. Therefore, you may need to figure out the setup process yourself. Additionally, there’s a slight lag between command execution.

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3. Meross Outdoor Smart Plug

4 Best Outdoor Smart Plugs With Alexa in the UK

Meross Outdoor Smart Plug

This is one of the best outdoor smart plugs with Alexa in the UK for a few reasons. Firstly, you get 2 sockets instead of one, which is helpful. Then, there’s the tight waterproof seal cap when a socket is not in use. Finally, it also supports Apple HomeKit along with Alexa, making it universally compatible.

The Meross outdoor smart plug is an easy recommendation based on its features. The two sockets support a maximum load of 13A. The plug enclosure is IP44 rated, so it should be fine with rain and occasional splashes. If it rains heavily, close the flaps by disconnecting the plugs to prevent water from entering the sockets.

4. Knightsbridge Smart Wi-Fi Plug

4 Best Outdoor Smart Plugs With Alexa in the UK

Knightsbridge Smart Wi-Fi Plug

Here’s another outdoor smart socket with a waterproof enclosure. Like the second product, it also has a flap that seals the plug to prevent water from entering. If you want a smart plug that can withstand heavy rainfall and harsh conditions, consider getting this one.

While the Meross smart plug is easy to set up and offers more features, it’s not truly waterproof like the smart plug from Knightsbridge. That alone can sway some people towards the Knightsbridge smart Wi-Fi plug. With two sockets next to each other and a water-tight door that seals the plugs, it’s a great choice.

This plug is waterproof, providing additional safety. Unlike the Meross plug, it allows you to use the cover even when the sockets are in use. It is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, offering a comparable range of smart features. However, some users have found the initial setup slightly tricky, and a few units have experienced issues after a few months. These factors may include quality control and usage patterns.

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Keep Your Plugs Safe and Smart

Ensure that outdoor sockets and devices are safe year-round. These smart plugs with Alexa provide security for your appliances in any weather.

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