4 Best Numeric Keypads for Apple MacBooks

4 Best Numeric Keypads for Apple MacBooks

On your Apple MacBook, the numerical keys are not very useful when working on spreadsheets or entering a lot of numerical data. It is inconvenient to reach over your keyboard for the numbers. While you could purchase a full keyboard, it is not worth the trouble. If you frequently use number keys, it is a good idea to purchase a separate numeric keypad.

4 Best Numeric Keypads for Apple MacBooks

These keypads are compact and only include numbers and a clear key. Their small size makes them easy to place next to your MacBook.

If you’re tired of reaching over your keyboard for numbers, here are some numeric keypads for Apple MacBooks that you can buy.

Now, let’s check them out.

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1. iHome Numeric Keypad for Apple Mac

4 Best Numeric Keypads for Apple MacBooks

iHome Numeric Keypad for Apple Mac

The iHome Numeric Keypad is an inexpensive device that works brilliantly with Apple MacBooks. It’s a simple wired USB device that works via plug & play. Unlike some keypads, it doesn’t have any additional keys.

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The USB cord is long enough to connect to your Mac, but you may need to buy a USB hub for newer MacBooks.

The keypad works as intended and is durable, despite not being made from aluminum. The affordable price tag is a bonus. If you want a reliable keypad that doesn’t miss or repeat numbers, this is the one to buy.

2. Macally Bluetooth Number Pad for Laptop

4 Best Numeric Keypads for Apple MacBooks

Macally Bluetooth Number Pad for Laptop

The Macally Number pad for laptops is designed for modern MacBooks, featuring Bluetooth, a rechargeable battery, and additional switches (shortcut keys and arrow keys). The aluminum aesthetic complements new MacBooks, although it’s slightly pricey.

It is compatible with both old and new MacBook models, and the scissor-switch keycaps provide a familiar typing experience. The 300mAh battery can last up to a month on a single charge, although usage patterns will affect battery life. The pairing process is straightforward, as confirmed by multiple user reviews.

The Macally keypad allows you to add numbers and work efficiently in Excel (or Google Sheets). However, some users have reported occasional number repetition.

3. HoRiMe Bluetooth Numeric Keypad

4 Best Numeric Keypads for Apple MacBooks

HoRiMe Bluetooth Numeric Keypad

Another numeric keypad for Apple MacBooks is the one by HoRiMe. It allows you to type easily without worrying about missing or repeating keystrokes. This is especially advantageous if you work in the finance sector. It’s a wireless keyboard with a rechargeable battery that can be recharged via a USB-C cable.

The keys are responsive and quiet while typing. It includes shortcut keys and arrow keys, but the shortcut keys are not compatible with macOS, which is unfortunate.

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Pairing this keypad is easy. It has an LED indicator to show the pairing status and can be instantly woken up from sleep. However, the battery life is not its strongest feature. Fortunately, it recharges quickly.

If you want a reliable wireless keyboard without shortcut keys, you can’t go wrong with this one.

4 Best Numeric Keypads for Apple MacBooks

Lekvey Wireless Numeric Keypad

The Lekvey keypad is a popular peripheral for MacBook users, resembling the HoRiMe in looks. However, it has a longer battery life, earning positive reviews.

The Lekvey keypad, sporting an aluminum look, resembles the MacBook keyboard. The only issue is the color is not an exact match.

Nevertheless, it performs solidly and the keys are silent with tactile feedback. Some shortcut keys don’t work on macOS systems, but passing the Search key does open the search bar on Mac, according to a user.

Play With the Numbers

Here are some numeric keypads available for MacBooks. For a simple option, choose the iHome keypad. For a wireless experience, go with the Lekvey keypad.

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