4 Best Nightstands With Built-in Wireless Charging

4 Best Nightstands With Built-in Wireless Charging

Smartphones have evolved; today, most can charge wirelessly. However, buying separate charging pucks creates clutter in every room. The best solution is to invest in a nightstand with wireless charging to maximize these technological features.

4 Best Nightstands With Built-in Wireless Charging

Let’s face it – everyone browses social media before bed. And we’ve forgotten to charge our smartphones in a sleep-driven state. That’s why you should get a nightstand with wireless charging. A quality nightstand will also help you store personal belongings, ensuring you don’t wake up in a frenzy searching for your glasses.

Without further ado, here are some of the best nightstands with wireless charging. But first, you might also want to read about the best wireless charging pads for bedside tables and standing wireless chargers.

Now, let’s get on with the article.

1. Brightech Madison Table & Lamp Combo

Nightstand Height: 4 feet & 8 inches (with lamp)

Style: Mid-Century Modern

Material: Wood

Storage Compartment: Yes

4 Best Nightstands With Built-in Wireless Charging

Brightech Madison Table & Lamp Combo

Brightech is a US furniture brand that emphasizes design. The Madison table is a good example. It serves two distinct purposes – compactness and design.

The table (with the lamp) measures four feet and eight inches, with an 18 x 18 inch countertop. It can fit snugly between couches or elevate the look of a bedroom. The Madison has a mid-century modern design that works well in modern and rustic bedrooms.

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The lamp has a rating of 20,000 hours, meaning it could last 20 years if used for up to three hours a day. It also includes a USB port and a built-in wireless charging pad on the countertop. Overall, the Brightech Madison offers a compelling case for being in your bedroom.

2. ManGotree Portable Smart Table

Nightstand Height: Approx. 2 feet

Style: Modern

Material: Wood Storage Compartment: No

4 Best Nightstands With Built-in Wireless Charging

ManGotree Portable Smart Table

If you’re looking for a versatile and stylish table, ManGotree’s Portable Smart Table is a great choice. The table’s minimalistic design blends seamlessly with any room decor and is available in two colors, walnut and white oak. It pairs beautifully with wooden beds, giving an elegant touch to your bedroom.

In addition to its sleek design, the table also boasts multiple tech features. With several charging outlets and a built-in USB port, you can conveniently charge your smartphone and other devices. This table offers both style and functionality, making it a must-have for any modern home.

The speaker’s 40W output, although loud, is not the best. Customers praise the table’s build quality, but criticize its audio prowess. However, the table offers many attractive features and is one of the best nightstands with wireless charging available.

3. Lvrunben Nightstand

Nightstand Height: Approx. 1.5 feet

Style: Modern

Material: Glass & Wood

Storage Compartment: Yes

4 Best Nightstands With Built-in Wireless Charging

Lvrunben Nightstand

Lvrunben’s nightstand is a refined version of the ManGotree table. The unit has a cuboidal shape and looks premium. It comes with two drawers, featuring tastefully designed handles with contrasting colors. The drawers offer ample storage space for novels, diaries, and medicines. Lvrunben offers the nightstand in four shades, including darker hues. Additionally, the nightstand is durable.

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The nightstand features USB Type-A and USB Type-C connectors, allowing you to charge your smartphone overnight. Additionally, it includes a wireless charging bay for convenient charging without cables. Furthermore, it is equipped with a built-in speaker, enabling you to listen to music or podcasts while falling asleep. Overall, Lvrunben’s nightstand is one of the top choices for wireless charging nightstands.

4. AMHANCIBLE LED Nightstands

Nightstand Height: Approx. 2 feet

Style: Rustic

Material: Particle Board

Storage Compartment: Yes

4 Best Nightstands With Built-in Wireless Charging


If you want to place nightstands on both sides of your bed, check out AMHANCIBLE’s bundle. They are selling a set of two nightstands with multiple features. Each nightstand has two standard 1,500W, 12A sockets, a USB Type-A connector with a 10W output, and integrated wireless charging bays. AMHANCIBLE’s nightstands are made of particleboard, a more environmentally friendly material that doesn’t contribute to deforestation but is less sturdy than wooden nightstands.

The LEDs offer five brightness levels, making them great. Rest assured, the unit is among the best nightstands with wireless charging.

FAQs about Wireless Charging

1. Is wireless charging safe for the bedside?

Yes, putting your smartphone on a bedside table with wireless charging is safe and won’t harm your health or smartphone’s battery.

2. Are wireless charging stands worth it?

If you have a smartphone that supports wireless charging, using a wireless charging stand can significantly reduce cable clutter.

3. Do wireless chargers damage the battery?

Wireless charging is not more harmful than wired charging and will not degrade your device’s battery.

Charging Made Simpler

If you need a new nightstand with wireless charging capabilities, consider getting the best wireless charging nightstands. These nightstands will enhance your bedroom decor and eliminate the need to plug in your device nightly.

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