4 Best Mirror Dash Cams for Cars

4 Best Mirror Dash Cams for Cars

If you are considering a mirror dash cam for your car, it’s important to understand its many features. It serves as both a rearview mirror and dash cam, providing a sleek design that doesn’t obstruct your view. Additionally, these devices often come with GPS, night vision, and an intuitive touchscreen. Choosing the right mirror dash cam can be challenging.

4 Best Mirror Dash Cams for Cars

If you’re not following our buying guide, here’s a list of the best rearview mirror cameras you can buy. These cameras are essential in states like Illinois and California, where the law prohibits obstructive devices on your car.

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Mirror Cam vs Dash Cam

Before diving in, let’s explore the key distinction between a mirror cam and a traditional dash cam. Both serve as dashboard cameras and can capture footage from the front and back of your vehicle. The main difference lies in the design. Mirror dash cams may require you to replace your car’s rearview mirror or attach the new dash cam on top of it. The mirror itself will retain the same form factor as the original, while allowing for a larger device due to the added camera. Now that we have addressed the differences, let’s delve into some appealing mirror dash cams.

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1. Pelsee P12 Pro 4K Mirror Dash Cam

4 Best Mirror Dash Cams for Cars

Pelsee P12 Pro 4K Mirror Dash Cam

The first item on our list is the Pelsee P12 Pro. It’s one of the most affordable dash cams available, but it still packs a punch. It has 4K resolution and captures crisp, blur-free videos. Users have confirmed this in their reviews.

Additionally, the dash cam has a sturdy construction for its price. It needs to be mounted on top of your car’s existing rearview mirror with straps, but the straps are well-built and secure.

The picture quality is sharp, thanks to the 4K resolution, revealing minor details in regular dashcam feeds. However, the night vision is lacking. Nonetheless, the camera’s user base praises the daytime video feed.

The Pelsee P12 Pro includes a front-facing and rear-facing camera, as well as a GPS antenna. The installation process is not difficult but requires some patience to set up.

Additionally, the unit has an external GPS, though some users have noted that its accuracy could be improved. Nevertheless, if you prioritize clear and crisp video, the Pelsee P12 Pro is an excellent mirror dash cam.

2. WOLFBOX G840S Mirror Dash Cam

4 Best Mirror Dash Cams for Cars

WOLFBOX G840S 4K Mirror Dash Cam

Next up is the WOLFBOX G840S. It’s propped up easily and offers clear picture quality. This dual camera mirror dash cam replaces a car’s rearview mirror and delivers crisp video, according to user reviews. However, it only records Full HD videos from the rear camera, not 4K clips.

The WOLFBOX G840S also includes Parking Assist, GPS, G-Sensor, and Loop Recording. It even comes with a 32GB TF card, which is a great addition.

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The WOLFBOX G840S features a Sony IMX335 Sensor, ensuring clear and detailed videos, even at night. Users have noted its decent night vision. Like any dual dash cam, the rear camera requires hardwiring. However, the installation process is not challenging and can be completed in less than an hour. This rear view mirror dash cam is popular on Amazon and has received positive feedback for its picture quality and easy installation. Overall, the WOLDBOX G840S is one of the best rear view mirror dash cams available, considering its price.

4 Best Mirror Dash Cams for Cars

Vantrue M2 Mirror Dash Cam for Car

The Vantreu M2 is a great rear view mirror dash cam for cars. Vantrue is a reputable name in the dash cam industry, and the Vantrue M2 lives up to the company’s legacy. Like its counterpart above, it requires wiring for the rear camera. Once installed, you will have an excellent mirror dash cam with impressive picture quality.

The Vantrue M2 operates similar to the WOLFBOX G840S dash cam. The mirror functions as a touchscreen and also serves as a reverse camera. Additionally, the touchscreen displays guidelines for easy reverse parking.

The installation is easy. However, routing the power cables discreetly can be time-consuming. It’s worth noting that the front camera charges via a mini-USB port. It would have been great if the Vatrue M2 also used a USB Type-C connector for charging. Note that the dash cam is powered via the 12V lighter socket, not the USB port.

As for video quality, the M2’s 1440p resolution and HDR support ensure that recorded footage is clear and detailed. Important details like license plate numbers are visible.

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The mirror dash cam has been thoroughly tested by Digital Camera World. The GPS is accurate, providing speed and timestamp on videos.

Similarly, the Vantrue M2 is popular on Amazon with over 2,500 user ratings. Users appreciate its solid build quality, easy installation, and night vision. However, the GPS module is not integrated, requiring the attachment of a separate GPS body to the car’s mirror using adhesive.

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