4 Best Free Audiobook Apps for iPhone and Android

4 Best Free Audiobook Apps for iPhone and Android

Books are often seen as great companions, but many struggle to concentrate and remain engaged while reading. However, there’s a 21st-century solution for this – audiobooks. You can listen to books while completing chores, working out, or walking. Here are some of the best free audiobook apps for iPhone and Android.

4 Best Free Audiobook Apps for iPhone and Android

Several apps let you listen to audiobooks for free. However, Amazon’s Audible is the most popular audiobook platform, but you need a subscription. The apps in this list allow you to listen to audiobooks without a subscription. Keep your expectations in check though, as you can’t listen to the latest books and popular titles for free. These apps offer access to classics and books available for free online and in the public domain. Nonetheless, you’ll find a good collection of free audiobooks. Let’s begin.

1. LibriVox Audio Books: Listen to 40,000 Full-Length Audiobooks for Free

LibriVox is a great free alternative to Audible. This online platform offers free public-domain audiobooks recorded by volunteers. These volunteers record chapters of books that are no longer under copyright, making classic literature accessible to everyone through audio recordings.

4 Best Free Audiobook Apps for iPhone and Android 4 Best Free Audiobook Apps for iPhone and Android

This app is a client that allows you to access the LibriBox library. The user interface is minimal and easy to use. You can browse audiobooks by titles, authors, and new books. You can also sign in to sync your audiobooks and reading progress.

While listening to an audiobook, you can play/pause the narration, add a bookmark, skip forward or go back 15 or 30 seconds, and adjust the playback speed. Additionally, you can automatically end the playback after a certain period, which is useful for listening to audiobooks while you sleep.

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– Simple interface.

– Offline audiobook downloads.

– Detailed information about audiobooks.

– Family-friendly option filters out NSFW content.

– No signup required.


– Small default font size.

– Playback control icons are small.

– Ads appear between audiobooks, which may lead to accidental redirection.

– No genre filter.

Price: Free; Pro Version: $0.49 per month

2. Audiobooks Now: Great Collection of Fiction and Non-Fiction for Free

Audiobooks Now is a free app for iPhone and Android devices that offers a wide selection of audiobooks. It includes both free and paid options, with new and popular titles available for purchase. The app also has a diverse collection of non-fiction books available for free.

4 Best Free Audiobook Apps for iPhone and Android 4 Best Free Audiobook Apps for iPhone and Android

Once you visit the free audiobooks section, you can search for books from different genres or view all audiobooks at once. You just need to buy the free audiobook for $0.00 and it will be added to your library.

While listening, you can control the playback speed, skip or go back 30 seconds, and jump to the next chapter. You can also add bookmarks. We like the app for its collection of audiobooks, including free classic ones and new releases from emerging authors.


– Great collection of free fiction and non-fiction books

– Multiple options to sort and filter by genre/category

– Several playback controls


  • Ad-free.


  • Can improve user interface.
  • May feel cluttered with options and buttons.
  • Must sign in to listen to books.

Price: Free; Pro Version: $19.99 onwards (subscription for paid audiobooks)

3. Freed Audiobooks: Over 14,000 Classics

Freed is an Android app that wraps LibriVox. Discover your next favorite audiobook using the category search within the app. The audiobook collection consists mostly of classical books in the public domain. The audiobook playback interface is similar to Audible.

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4 Best Free Audiobook Apps for iPhone and Android 4 Best Free Audiobook Apps for iPhone and Android

While listening to an audiobook, you have full control over playback. The app also has a history tab for reviewing past books. Unfortunately, there is no way to save favorite books for easy access. However, you can download audiobooks for offline listening.


– Best audiobook playback interface.

– Multiple playback control options, including ‘Skip Silence’ for efficient narration.

– Easy browsing with audiobook categories.

– Download audiobooks for offline listening.


– No ‘favorites’ or ‘saved’ tab for quicker book access.

– Too many pop-up ads that occupy the entire screen.

The app’s user interface is unintuitive, often leaving us confused as we navigate.

Price: Free; In-App Purchase: $1.99 onwards

This audiobook app for iPhone, called ‘Audiobooks,’ is a simple and lightweight application that gets straight to the point. It displays all categories of free audiobooks and allows you to find books based on their durations, narrators, and recently added audiobooks.

4 Best Free Audiobook Apps for iPhone and Android 4 Best Free Audiobook Apps for iPhone and Android

You can search audiobooks and find books in the free and paid ‘Plus Only’ section. Many popular classics are available for free. The app has a well-designed playback section with controls divided into two sections. The top section has essential controls, while the bottom section has controls for additional features such as a sleep timer, chapter list, book information, and a switch for dark/light mode. By default, audiobooks are downloaded within the app when using Wi-Fi. The ‘stream audiobooks’ feature needs to be turned on manually for downloading audiobooks. Overall, we think this app is one of the best free audiobook apps for the iPhone.

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– Great user interface.

– Sorting books by duration is a useful option.


  1. Playback control options.
  2. Download audiobooks for offline listening.


  1. Some may dislike the larger font size.
  2. The app can be unresponsive until restarted.
  3. Ads are present but do not interfere with the listening experience.

Price: Free; Plus Subscription: $7.99; Remove Ads: $0.99

We hope this list of best free audiobook apps helps you find a free alternative for Audible. If you enjoy listening to content for long hours, you can check out podcasts and listen to them on your iPhone and Android devices!

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