2 Apps to Quickly, Continuously Take Photos on Android

2 Apps to Quickly, Continuously Take Photos on Android

How often have you missed out on capturing a perfect moment because your phone camera app was slow to respond? It’s frustrating when we can’t seize those Kodak moments in our lives because our phone takes too long to start up. Although the Lollipop update from Google made it easier to take photos from the lock screen, you still have to wake up the phone and slide to unlock before the camera initializes. Every second counts when it comes to capturing the perfect shot.

Today I will review two apps that can help you save precious time when taking photos. The first app allows you to take photos even when your phone is locked, while the second app provides coverage while your phone is unlocked and in use. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Snapshot for Android

Snapshot is an app that automatically activates your Android’s camera when needed. After configuring the app, just take out your phone, put it in landscape mode, and press the power button. The app will open your camera app and provide feedback to let you know it’s working.

To begin, download the app from the Play Store and enable the necessary services. If you have multiple camera apps installed, you’ll need to select your default camera. All other settings are taken care of automatically. Test the app by locking your phone and pressing the power button in landscape mode.

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In the Snapshot settings, you can choose to activate the Status Bar Notification and Autostart options. This ensures that the app runs in the background, even after using app killers or rebooting your device. Upgrading to pro features is optional.

2 Apps to Quickly, Continuously Take Photos on Android2 Apps to Quickly, Continuously Take Photos on Android

Snapshot provides coverage while your phone is locked. However, if your phone is unlocked, searching for the camera app can be time-consuming, especially on launchers like TouchWiz. Quick Camera app is a solution for these situations.

2. Quick Camera

The Quick Camera app is unique in that it allows you to shoot without opening a preview screen. This means you can quickly capture what you want without wasting time initializing the camera.

2 Apps to Quickly, Continuously Take Photos on Android

After installing the app, you will have two icons in the app drawer. One is for launching the app, while the Take Photo icon can be added as a widget to the home screen for quick photo taking. In the app settings, select the desired photo resolution and associated camera. Selfie enthusiasts can choose the front camera, but there will be no preview available.

2 Apps to Quickly, Continuously Take Photos on Android

One amazing feature of the app is the floating camera button. It stays on top of any app you are using and allows you to quickly access the camera without navigating to the home screen. The app displays occasional ads, but only when you open it, and they won’t interrupt your photo-taking experience.

If you have too many photos, consider using Crunch Gallery. It compresses images and videos, freeing up storage space for both iOS and Android users.

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These were two apps that you can use to quickly launch the camera and take photos. Which one will you install? Join us in the forums to continue the conversation.

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