16 FAQs About Huawei Honor 9i: Everything You Need To Know

16 FAQs About Huawei Honor 9i: Everything You Need To Know

Planning to buy the new Huawei Honor 9i? Well, there must be a ton of queries and questions in your head right now about its features and its two sets of dual cameras, of course.

16 FAQs About Huawei Honor 9i: Everything You Need To Know

Look no further! We have selected frequently asked questions and facts to help you make an informed decision. Let’s jump straight in.

Q1. What are the specifications of the Honor 9i?

The 16nm octa-core Hisilicon Kirin 659 chipset, clocking at 2.36GHz, powers the processor. It also has 4 GB RAM and 64GB storage. The display is an FHD+ FullView Display. Special features include Front and Rear Dual Camera, Huawei Histen audio system, and FullView Display. The battery capacity is 3340mAh and it supports normal charging. The phone has expandable memory and Bluetooth 4.2, as well as NFC.

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Q2. What is the camera configuration of the Honor 9i camera?

The rear camera of the device is 16-Megapixel +2-Megapixel depth Sensor, and it boasts special features such as dual-tone LED flash and portrait mode. The video resolution is 1080p at 60 fps. As for the front camera, it is 13-Megapixel +2-Megapixel depth sensor, which offers gesture-activated selfies and smart flash.

Q3. What is the OS version in the Honor 9i?

Honor 9i is equipped with Android Nougat and EMUI. This ensures a plethora of features, including multi-window and improved notification controls.

16 FAQs About Huawei Honor 9i: Everything You Need To Know

Having Nougat onboard provides an advantage as it includes improved safety features to protect your phones from clickjacking.

Q4. Is the Honor 9i waterproof?

No, the Honor 9i isn’t waterproof.

Q5. How is the display quality of the Honor 9i?

The Honor 9i features a stunning FullView display, making it the first phone from Honor to do so.

16 FAQs About Huawei Honor 9i: Everything You Need To Know

Apart from that, it features a bezel-less FHD+ 5.9-inch display with an 18:9 aspect ratio.

Q6. What are the available audio features of the Honor 9i?

The Honor 9i includes the Huawei Histen audio system, a set of six algorithms that ensure high sound quality. It is also referred to as 3D Audio technology. Another feature is Bluetooth aptX, which improves sound quality and reduces sync issues when using Bluetooth speakers and earphones.

Q7. What are the box contents of the Honor 9i?

The Honor 9i retail box includes the following accessories:

– USB Connector

– Earphones

– Transparent Back Case

– Travel Adapter

– SIM Tray Ejector Tool

– Warranty Card

Q8. Does the Honor 9i support USB OTG?

Yes, the Honor 9i supports USB OTG. USB OTG allows your phone to connect to other USB devices/phones and act as a host for storing documents and music files.

Q9. What are the battery specs?

The Honor 9i has a 3340mAh battery that can provide up to two days of standby time, according to the company.

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Q10. Which charger type does the Honor 9i support?

Unfortunately, the Honor 9i still comes with a micro-USB charger. Most phone companies, including Xiaomi, have adopted USB Type-C charging cables. Honor should upgrade its budget series.

16 FAQs About Huawei Honor 9i: Everything You Need To Know

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Q11. What’s the volume of expandable storage?

The Honor 9i’s onboard storage can be expanded up to 128GB with microSD cards.

Q12. Does the Honor 9i come with an IR Blaster?

The Honor 9i looks similar to the Honor 8 Pro, but it doesn’t have an IR blaster like its predecessor. Therefore, if you choose to buy the Honor 9i, you’ll need to use regular remotes.

Q13. Does it have capacitive hardware buttons?

The Honor 9i features software buttons instead of hardware buttons, which can be customized using third-party apps.

Q14. Does it have the support for VoLTE networks?

The phone supports 4G VoLTE networks.

Q15. What are the available color options for the Honor 9i?

The device will be available in Prestige Gold, Aurora Blue, and Graphite Black colors as a Flipkart exclusive.

Q16. Does the Honor 9i support 4K videos?

The Honor 9i does not support 4K videos. It can record 1080p videos at 60fps.

Enlightened, Are We?

Phew! Wasn’t that long? Any other questions about the Honor 9i? Share your thoughts and comments below.

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