11 Best OneNote Tips and Tricks for Power Users

11 Best OneNote Tips and Tricks for Power Users

Microsoft OneNote is consistently ranked as one of the best note-taking apps for good reason. It allows you to create text, voice, and video notes, and attach files to your notes. However, there are additional hidden features to explore.

11 Best OneNote Tips and Tricks for Power Users

Here are some useful OneNote tips and tricks for power users and beginners alike. Let’s get started.

1. Keyboard Shortcuts

Let’s start the guide with some useful keyboard shortcuts:

– Press Windows+Alt+N to open a small note window.

– Press F7 to check spelling and Shift+F7 for the thesaurus.

– Press Shift+F10 to open the context menu.

– Press Ctrl+Shift+H to highlight selected text.

– Press Ctrl+/ to apply or remove a number list.

– Press Ctrl+period (.) to use or remove a bullet list.

– Press Ctrl+1 to create, delete, or mark a to-do list item.

Are you looking for more shortcuts? Microsoft has compiled a comprehensive list of OneNote shortcuts. Bookmark the page for future reference.

2. Grab Text from Images

OneNote supports OCR, which allows you to grab text from images directly without typing.

11 Best OneNote Tips and Tricks for Power Users

Add the image to the note and right-click to select Copy Text from Picture. This feature may not work well with handwritten notes, but it is effective for typed or printed text.

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3. Tag Individual Parts of Notes

Tags categorize notes, especially when they are related but stored separately. However, users often overlook the ability to tag specific sections of notes.

11 Best OneNote Tips and Tricks for Power Users

Anywhere inside a OneNote note, simply right-click on the header of the part you want to tag and choose one from the drop-down menu. This gives you freedom to work between sections and notebooks. Custom tags can also be created if desired.

4. Integrate with Outlook Tasks

Do you use Outlook? If yes, you’ll find this feature useful. You can create to-do lists in OneNote and flag them to link with Outlook. The same to-do list will also appear in the Microsoft To-Do app, if you use it.

11 Best OneNote Tips and Tricks for Power Users

Right-click on the to-do list item and use one of the flags to mark it. The flag that says Outlook Tasks when you hover over it. You can also assign a date and time there. On the flip side, it only works on desktop, and there are rumors about retiring it by 2025. So enjoy while it lasts.

5. Math Calculations

I love this feature. You can perform complex math calculations in OneNote. Just type the formula and = symbol, then press Space to get the answer. It works anywhere, even with handwritten formulas.

11 Best OneNote Tips and Tricks for Power Users

Microsoft recently updated OneNote with a unique feature that reads aloud math solutions. No other note-taking app offers this capability.

You can attach any file to OneNote, including Office 365 supported formats like Word, Excel, and PDF files. After attaching the file, you can open and edit it within OneNote. No need to open the file’s folder location or separate editing applications. That’s outdated.

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11 Best OneNote Tips and Tricks for Power Users

Simply double-click on the file and start editing. Once done, save changes and close the file.

7. App Integrations

Microsoft has developed an exceptional scanner app called Microsoft Office Lens. It is easy to use and works perfectly. You can scan documents and convert them into images, Word, PowerPoint, or PDF files. Save the files directly to OneNote.

11 Best OneNote Tips and Tricks for Power Users

IFTTT and Zapier are notable app integrations that can automate various aspects of your note-taking experience with OneNote. These automation apps connect with numerous other apps to establish interoperability.

8. Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes now sync between multiple devices, including your desktop. Open OneNote on your smartphone, and there is a dedicated tab for Sticky Notes.

11 Best OneNote Tips and Tricks for Power Users

Any notes you create here will instantly sync to your desktop. This is useful when you want to quickly take notes or copy text or a link from one device to another.

OneNote works like a diary for creating and storing notes. It organizes notes into sections, which can be grouped across different notebooks for better organization.

11 Best OneNote Tips and Tricks for Power Users

To create a new section group, right-click on the section heading and select “New Section Group.” You can create as many section groups as you need. Once you have created a new section, simply drag and drop it into the desired section group that is displayed next to the section tabs.

11 Best OneNote Tips and Tricks for Power Users

10. Onetastic

Onetastic is a valuable addition to your OneNote toolkit. It offers a wide range of features that even Microsoft approves. After installing it, you’ll gain access to features such as OneCalendar, favorites, macros, custom styles, and the ability to crop images.

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11 Best OneNote Tips and Tricks for Power Users

Discussing all the features of Onetastic is not possible here, so I suggest you try it. Check out their demo video below.

11. OneNote Templates

OneNote features various templates. If they’re insufficient, search for additional options. Consult our guide for utilizing and discovering templates on the web.

One Place to Note

OneNote is an incredible note-taking app. When you utilize all its features, it becomes truly empowering. I hope this guide helps you learn faster and proves useful. Share your favorite OneNote tips and tricks in the comments below. Next up, learn about the differences and similarities between Evernote and OneNote. Click the link below.

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