Top 7 Ways to Fix Skype Audio Delay on Mobile and PC

Top 7 Ways to Fix Skype Audio Delay on Mobile and PC

Skype has excellent video calling features. However, some users struggle with audio-video quality issues. If you experience delays in audio during Skype video calls on your smartphone or computer, check out the solutions in this guide.

Top 7 Ways to Fix Skype Audio Delay on Mobile and PC

When your audio and video are out of sync, it is typically due to your internet connection. Using Skype on unsupported devices or running bandwidth-consuming processes can also cause audio and video to go out of sync. Here are seven troubleshooting fixes that can help resolve this issue.

1. Check Internet Connection

A sturdy internet connection is required for optimal use of Skype. Skype recommends a minimum download/upload speed of 100kbps and 300kbps for basic audio and video calls, respectively. This requirement increases for advanced features like High-Definition (HD) calls and group video calls.

Video calls with a poor internet connection may result in low audio and video quality. If you are using a wireless network, ensure that the router is transmitting correctly. If you are far from the router, move closer to it. Restarting the router can refresh the network, and you can also try other troubleshooting tips to improve your router’s Wi-Fi signal strength.

Top 7 Ways to Fix Skype Audio Delay on Mobile and PC

For mobile devices using cellular data, try disabling and reenabling mobile data. Another option is to enable Airplane mode and then turn it off after a few seconds to refresh your device’s network. If none of these solutions work, try resetting your phone’s network settings.

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2. Close Skype

If you believe your network connection is fine, close the Skype app on your phone or PC, and then reopen it. If you’re using Skype from a browser, close and reopen the browser. This should resolve any glitches that may be causing audio delays during voice or video calls.

The audio delay issue may be caused by insufficient RAM. Close some active apps on your device to free up resources for Skype to function properly. Keep in mind that this trick applies to both mobile and PC.

Top 7 Ways to Fix Skype Audio Delay on Mobile and PC

You should be mindful of other apps on your device that utilize the microphone and speaker. These may include audio/video calling apps, gaming applications, and social network apps. In the event that an app is using the microphone while you are on a Skype call, it may cause delays in audio transmission.

4. Pause Active File Transfer

In addition to closing other apps, pause any file transfers. For example, if you’re streaming a video or transferring files while making a Skype call, it can affect Skype’s performance. This may cause a delay in audio transmission.

Pause any ongoing file transfers, streaming videos, and check if Skype’s audio and video are now in sync.

5. Restart Device

Top 7 Ways to Fix Skype Audio Delay on Mobile and PC

If none of the methods above fixes the problem, restarting your device might help. A simple restart is an effective fix for Skype’s audio glitches and other similar issues on your phone or PC.

6. Update Skype

If the audio delay problem is caused by a bug in the app, updating Skype to the latest version on your device will fix it. Check for updates in your device’s app store.

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Top 7 Ways to Fix Skype Audio Delay on Mobile and PC

If the Skype audio delay issue persists, or you’re unable to update Skype, check your device’s compatibility with Skype’s hardware and software requirements. You might experience an audio-video delay if your device doesn’t meet these requirements:

– Windows: Windows 10 (version 1709) or higher; 1 GHz processor or bigger; 512 MB RAM or higher; DirectX v9.0 or higher.

– Mac: Mac OS X 10.10 or higher; 1GHz Intel processor or higher; 1GB RAM or higher; QuickTime (latest version).

– Android: Android OS 4.0.4 or higher; 32MB of free storage or higher.

– iPhone/iPad: iOS 10 or higher.

– Web Browsers: Microsoft Edge and the latest versions of Google Chrome.

Hassle-Free Communication

Updating your device’s operating system could help if it doesn’t meet the OS requirement. The audio delay might not be from your end. If the issue persists after trying all solutions, ask the person/people you’re communicating with to run the same troubleshooting methods.

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