7 Ways to Fix iPad Screen Glitching or Flickering

7 Ways to Fix iPad Screen Glitching or Flickering

Working on your iPad and experiencing a glitching or flickering screen can be frustrating. Your boss may be waiting for your deliverable, and your iPad has let you down. But don’t worry, there are troubleshooting options to fix this issue.

7 Ways to Fix iPad Screen Glitching or Flickering

The iPad isn’t the only Apple product experiencing screen glitches. iPhone users have also encountered screen flickering. Before we discuss the solutions, let’s understand the cause of the iPad’s misbehaving screen.

Why Is My iPad Screen Jumping Around

From damaged displays to failed software updates, hardware and software glitches can cause your iPad screen to flicker. Users of the beta software version often face screen issues.

7 Ways to Fix iPad Screen Glitching or Flickering

There can be several reasons your iPad screen flickers, but you can resolve the issue. A clean screen is essential for the best iPad experience. If you work or sketch on the iPad, screen flickering could affect your boss’ temper or the color scheme.

How to Fix Blinking iPad Screen

Under this section, we have listed troubleshooting steps for both hardware and software issues. This will help you rule out external and internal problems to solve the screen blinking issue.

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1. Use Stable iPadOS

Apple released the iPadOS 17 beta, and many users complained of screen glitching. Screen glitching can occur on your iPad due to a beta version of the operating system, which is often unstable and prone to bugs. Therefore, we recommend switching to a stable version of iPadOS to avoid screen glitching or flickering issues.

2. Tap iPad’s Back

If your iPad screen is jumping, tap its back a few times. This trick has helped many people fix iPad screen flickering. But remember, don’t hit it hard, just lay it flat on a table and give 2-3 gentle taps on the back.

7 Ways to Fix iPad Screen Glitching or Flickering

Note: Tapping the back of your iPad can cause serious defects to its internal components. Tap at the center of the iPad itself and avoid tapping near the camera area, as it is sensitive.

3. Connect to External Display

If none of the hacks helped, connect your iPad to an external display. This will help ascertain the root cause. For instance, if the screen continues to glitch even after connecting to an external display, there could be an issue with the iPad’s motherboard. However, it could be a superficial software issue if it doesn’t flicker when connected. Connecting to another display will temporarily help you from seeing that blinking iPad screen.

7 Ways to Fix iPad Screen Glitching or Flickering

4. Disable True Tone and Night Shift

True tone and night shift drastically change how the display appears. True tone adjusts the display’s color based on the ambient light, while night shift is helpful in dark surroundings. However, disabling these features on your iPad might improve the display’s performance.

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Some iPad users have reported that disabling true tone and night shift resolved screen glitches. Therefore, we recommend disabling these features on your iPad. Here’s how:

Step 1: Drag the Control Center down and long-press the display slider.

7 Ways to Fix iPad Screen Glitching or Flickering

Step 2: Tap on the True Tone and Night Shift options to disable them.

7 Ways to Fix iPad Screen Glitching or Flickering

5. Force Restart iPad

If nothing works, force restart your iPad. If you have an iPad with the home button, press and hold the home button and top button until the Apple logo appears.

7 Ways to Fix iPad Screen Glitching or Flickering

If you have newer models with Touch ID or Face ID, press and release the volume up button, then the volume down button. Finally, press and hold the top button until the Apple logo appears to stop your iPad screen from flickering.

7 Ways to Fix iPad Screen Glitching or Flickering

6. Contact Apple Support

If previous solutions haven’t worked, contact Apple Support. Their experienced professionals can help with your iPad’s blinking screen. They will analyze the issue from both a hardware and software perspective.

Glitch-Free iPad

The iPad screen glitching or flickering can be a major problem for iPad enthusiasts. Besides ruining the iPad experience, it can also harm your vision in the long term. Hopefully, our simple resolutions will help you overcome the issue of your iPad screen blinking repeatedly.

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