7 Ways to Fix Ghost Touch or Typing on iPad

7 Ways to Fix Ghost Touch or Typing on iPad

Does your iPad have strange and incomprehensible text? Ghost typing has now affected iPads as well as iPhones. From random touches on the screen to incorrect registration of screen actions, ghost touch is causing problems for iPad users. But don’t worry, there are easy ways to fix this issue.

7 Ways to Fix Ghost Touch or Typing on iPad

Right from a dirty screen to a cracked screen, various factors contribute to the false touch issue on the iPad. You may observe this when your iPad is plugged into a charger. Next time your iPad opens an app by itself or types random letters, it is not a spirit messing with you, it is just your iPad glitching.

What Is Ghost Typing on iPad

Ghost touch or typing occurs when an action is triggered without the user registering it. For example, an app launches by itself or random letters get typed without your intervention — this is ghost touch or typing.

This creates an illusion that someone else is typing those letters or a ghost is behind launching an app.

7 Ways to Fix Ghost Touch or Typing on iPad

Fret not; it could be a software issue or voltage fluctuations in your charger causing this problem.

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How to Stop Ghost Touch on iPad

If you’re worried about ghost typing or random touches on your iPad screen, here are simple ways to fix it.

1. Close and Reopen the Tab

Imagine you’re on the Notes app typing something important when random letters start appearing on your screen. In this case, the first troubleshooting step is to close the tab and wait a few minutes. Then, reopen the Notes app and continue your work.

Closing an application shuts down all operations and gives the app time to repair bugs. When you reopen the tab, the ghost typing should ideally be gone.

2. Remove the Screen Protector and Case

Screen protectors and cases are protective for devices, but they can also hinder display performance. The thickness of a screen protector creates a gap between the display and fingers, leading to ghost touch at random spots. Improperly pasted screen protectors can exacerbate this issue.

7 Ways to Fix Ghost Touch or Typing on iPad

When it comes to a case, the anterior portions may tug on the display, particularly with thicker cases. To avoid this, consider removing or replacing the case with a thinner one. Although this can potentially damage your iPad’s screen, there is no alternative but to try different options.

3. Clean the Screen

A dirty screen not only attracts bacteria but can also cause glitches in your iPad’s display. The random touches may be a result of the dirt accumulated on the screen. In this case, cleaning the screen is necessary. Use a soft microfiber cloth coated with rubbing alcohol to remove any dust particles.

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4. Disconnect Charger

Does your iPad type random characters when connected to a charger? Voltage fluctuations during charging could be the cause. A change in voltage can affect the display, causing the iPad ghost touch or typing issue. To avoid this, disconnect the charger while typing.

7 Ways to Fix Ghost Touch or Typing on iPad

Let your iPad charge completely before proceeding to work.

5. Update iPad

If you want to eliminate software-related bugs, updating is necessary. Random text or execution registration on your iPad may be a result of a software issue, in which case a software update is recommended. Here’s how to download an update:

1. Open the Settings app and go to General.

2. Tap on Software Update.

3. In the Software Update tab, tap Download and Install to update your iPad.

7 Ways to Fix Ghost Touch or Typing on iPad 7 Ways to Fix Ghost Touch or Typing on iPad

If you don’t see a fresh update, your device is up-to-date. In this case, wait for the next update to fix the issue. Also, try out other solutions to improve your iPad ghost touch problem.

6. Ensure Remote Access Is Disabled

Do you remember granting remote access to someone? Did you use applications like TeamViewer to give another person access to your iPad? If you forgot to sign out of the portal, that person could continue to browse through your iPad.

Please note that this is not a case of ghost touch or typing. It’s someone else using your device. This could result in a serious breach of your privacy. So, make sure you’re not actively providing remote access to anyone.

7. Fix Cracked Screen

If your iPad has a cracked screen, it may be causing the ghost-touching problem. Your display needs to be free of any encumbrance for optimal performance. If the screen is cracked, replace it and check if the ghost touch issue resolves.

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7 Ways to Fix Ghost Touch or Typing on iPad

8. Contact Apple Support

If the solutions provided above do not work for you, we recommend reaching out to Apple Support. They are knowledgeable in handling cases where basic troubleshooting did not resolve the issue. They will examine the problem from both a hardware and software perspective.

It’s the Ghost

We hope you tried all the troubleshooting methods and that they helped fix the ghost touching or typing issue on your iPad. If not, Apple may replace your iPad if it’s under warranty or Apple Care+.

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