7 Best Tips to Fix Amazon Echo Connected to Bluetooth but No Sound Issue

7 Best Tips to Fix Amazon Echo Connected to Bluetooth but No Sound Issue

Recently, when I connected my laptop to the Amazon Echo via Bluetooth, I couldn’t hear the sound even though the media file was playing. When I disconnected the devices, the audio played on the laptop. However, when I reconnected them, it didn’t. If you are also unable to listen to sound on the Echo from your Bluetooth connected device, you are at the right place.

Supported Echo devices can be used as Bluetooth speakers (and vice versa). When that happens, you can play audio from your phone or laptop via Echo. Sometimes, even when you connect Echo to your phone or laptop, it doesn’t play any sound.

Let’s see how to fix the no sound issue through Bluetooth on Amazon Echo.


1. Restart Connected Devices

Before changing any setting, restart your phone or laptop that is serving as an audio source to Echo. Then try playing the sound again.

2. Unplug Echo

Many times, unplugging Echo from the power outlet and replugging it can solve the Bluetooth connectivity issue. This action resets the power cycle of the device and can fix any issue. To do this, remove the power cord from your Echo device and wait at least 30 seconds before plugging it back in.

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3. Increase Echo Volume

Make sure to check your Echo’s volume. Sometimes the volume may be set to zero, resulting in no sound from connected Bluetooth devices. To increase the volume, use the volume button on the Echo or say the command ‘Alexa, volume ten’. This command will maximize the volume. You can also use other volume commands like ‘Alexa, increase/decrease volume’ or ‘Alexa, volume N’ (where N is a number between 1-10).

4. Remove AUX Cable

An aux cable connected to your Echo? Remove it. Try playing the audio on your laptop or mobile via Bluetooth instead.

If the aux cable isn’t connected to your Echo, insert it and remove it once. The Echo device might still think it’s connected to the aux and not produce output for the Bluetooth connected device. Plugging in and removing it should resolve the issue.

5. Pair Bluetooth Device Properly

When connecting your phone or laptop to the Echo for the first time, follow these steps:

1. Be in range of your Echo device. Turn off Bluetooth on all devices already paired with the Echo.

2. Open the Alexa app and tap Devices at the bottom.

3. Select your Echo device from the list of available devices.

4. Tap Bluetooth Devices > Pair a new device.

5. Enable Bluetooth on your phone or laptop. Set it to pairing mode and connect it to the Echo device. Wait for them to properly pair. Once the connection is successful, Alexa will announce it.

Play sound from your connected phone or laptop, it will play through Echo. If you want to stop playing on Echo, turn off the Bluetooth on your phone or laptop. Alternatively, say the command ‘Alexa, disconnect.’ If you are facing trouble connecting to Echo, check our guide to connect devices.

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6. Connect to Right Bluetooth device

Even though Echo devices remember multiple Bluetooth devices, they can only be connected to one device at a time. So ensure that the Echo is connected to the intended device, not another device.


To do this, disconnect existing Bluetooth connections by saying ‘Alexa, disconnect.’ Then connect the Echo to the specific device by saying ‘Alexa, pair with [device name]’ or ‘Alexa, connect to [device name].’


7. Unpair Bluetooth Devices

If the issue persists after trying the solutions mentioned above, forget the Bluetooth device. Sometimes, even if the Alexa app shows that the device is connected, it may not be connected properly, causing a lack of sound from the Echo.

To fix this, you need to forget the problematic Bluetooth device from the Alexa app. Open the Alexa app, tap on Devices at the bottom, go to your Echo device from Echo & Alexa > Name of your Echo device, select Bluetooth Devices, tap on your device, and hit Forget device.

7 Best Tips to Fix Amazon Echo Connected to Bluetooth but No Sound Issue7 Best Tips to Fix Amazon Echo Connected to Bluetooth but No Sound Issue

If the problem persists, pair it again with your Echo. If it still persists, go to the pairing menu and select the option to forget all paired devices.

Bonus: Alexa Commands for Bluetooth

Here are useful commands for Bluetooth with Alexa.

Pair Device

Say the ‘Alexa, pair’ command. It will initiate the pairing process on the Echo.

Connect to a Particular Device

If you have connected multiple Bluetooth devices to Echo, you can select a specific device by saying ‘Alexa, connect to [name of device]’.

Disconnect from Bluetooth Device

To disconnect from a device, say ‘Alexa, disconnect’ or ‘Alexa, disconnect from [device name]’.

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Sound Check

Using Echo Dot or the bigger Echo saves you from using another Bluetooth speaker. Besides being intelligent, it also saves space. We hope the above solutions help you regain Bluetooth sound output in Echo. Noticed the Drop in feature on the Alexa app? We explain how it differs from the regular calling feature.

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