6 Ways to Fix Instagram Stories Keep Repeating

6 Ways to Fix Instagram Stories Keep Repeating

Instagram is well-known for its features like Stories and Highlights, which allow users to easily share personal content. However, if you find yourself encountering repetitive Instagram stories, we have six solutions to address this problem on Android and iOS.

6 Ways to Fix Instagram Stories Keep Repeating

Doom-scrolling is mindlessly scrolling through Instagram Stories. However, this experience might be disrupted if Stories repeat on the app. To resolve this, restart your device, clear the app cache, or uninstall Instagram. But why do Instagram Stories repeat? Let’s find out.

Instagram Stories are a popular feature on the social media platform, and it’s easy to see why. They offer a way to share moments and updates with friends and followers in a more casual and authentic way. However, there can be some downsides to using this feature, and it’s important to be aware of them. Here are a few reasons why Instagram Stories may be repeating for you.

Firstly, it’s important to note that Instagram Stories are meant to be ephemeral. They are designed to disappear after 24 hours, and this is part of their appeal. However, sometimes stories may get stuck in a loop and continue to repeat even after the 24-hour period. This can be frustrating and may make it difficult to share new content with your followers.

Another reason why Instagram Stories may be repeating is due to a glitch in the app. Instagram is constantly updating and improving its features, but sometimes bugs and glitches can occur. These glitches can cause stories to repeat or get stuck in a loop. If you are experiencing this issue, try updating the app to the latest version or reinstalling it to see if that resolves the problem.

Lastly, it’s possible that your settings may be causing your Instagram Stories to repeat. Instagram allows you to choose who can view your stories, and you may have inadvertently set your stories to repeat for certain groups of people. To check your settings, go to your profile, tap on the three lines in the top right corner, then go to “Settings” and “Privacy.” From there, you can adjust your story settings and ensure that your stories are not set to repeat for specific groups.

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In conclusion, Instagram Stories are a great way to share moments and updates with your friends and followers. However, they can sometimes repeat for various reasons. By being aware of these reasons and making any necessary adjustments, you can ensure that your Instagram Stories function properly and provide a positive experience for both you and your followers.

1. Poor Internet Connection

A slow or poor internet connection may cause errors when loading Stories, resulting in repeated Instagram stories due to the failure to load new ones.

6 Ways to Fix Instagram Stories Keep Repeating

2. Instagram Is Down

If the Instagram server is down or facing an outage, Stories may glitch or replay randomly.

3. Instagram App Is Out of Date

Looking back, we discovered that the issue of Instagram Stories repeating dates back to June 2022. An update was released to fix it. If you haven’t updated Instagram, you might still encounter this glitch occasionally.

Now that we understand why Instagram is repeating stories, let’s move on to troubleshooting this issue.

If Instagram keeps replaying Stories on Android and iOS, you can easily fix it with these 6 easy steps. Let’s dive in.

1. Check Instagram Server Status

To ensure Instagram Stories work properly, check if Instagram is down on Downdetector’s Instagram Server Status page. If there are reported outages, wait before checking again. If no issues are reported, move on to troubleshooting.

2. Check the Internet Connection

A strong internet connection is vital for Instagram Stories to work properly. If you’re having issues with Instagram Stories, check your internet speed. You can also play a video on your device to check for any playback issues.

6 Ways to Fix Instagram Stories Keep Repeating

If internet speeds are slow, switch from mobile data to Wi-Fi. Also, enable 5G on your device if available.

Restarting your device is recommended as the first step in troubleshooting most issues. This will close and start again your device’s services and functions, resolving any temporary Instagram Story bugs. Follow the steps below to do it.

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On Android

Step 1: Long-press the on/off button. Step 2: Tap on Restart.

6 Ways to Fix Instagram Stories Keep Repeating

Once the device restarts, enter your password, if required, and open Instagram again to check if the issue has been resolved.

On iPhone

Step 1: Follow these steps to turn off your iPhone based on the model:

– For iPhone SE 1st gen, 5s, 5c, and 5: Long-press the top button.

– For iPhone SE 2nd gen onwards, 7, and 8: Long-press the side button.

– For iPhone X and above: Long-press the power and any volume button simultaneously.

Step 2: Long-press and drag the slider till the end.

6 Ways to Fix Instagram Stories Keep Repeating

Once the iPhone screen goes blank, press and hold the power button to turn on the iPhone. Enter your passcode, if necessary, and check the Instagram app again.

Cache is helpful in loading apps by decreasing time using a previous copy of the page. If this data gets corrupted, it might interfere with the normal functioning of the app, causing errors like Instagram Stories starting over. In this case, you might need to clear the Instagram app cache. Note that you can only clear the cache on Android devices; if you’re using an iPhone, skip to the next section.

6 Ways to Fix Instagram Stories Keep Repeating

5. Check for App Update

If you’re behind or disabled app updates on Android and iOS devices, manually check and install relevant app updates. Close and restart the Instagram app to see if the issue has been resolved. Click on the link below to check for app updates.

6. Uninstall and Reinstall Instagram

If you’ve tried all the troubleshooting fixes above and Instagram is still repeating Stories, reinstalling the app may help. By doing this, your device will delete previous app settings and data and get a fresh copy of the app. Once done, check again to see if Instagram Stories are working as expected. Follow these steps to reinstall the app.

To uninstall Instagram, follow these steps:

1. Long-press on the Instagram app.

2. Tap Uninstall.

3. Tap OK.

6 Ways to Fix Instagram Stories Keep Repeating

Step 4: After the app finishes uninstalling, go to the Instagram page on Google Play Store and reinstall the app. Sign in to your Instagram account and check again.

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On iPhone

Step 1: Long-press the Instagram app on the home screen.

Step 2: Tap on Delete App when the options appear.

Step 3: Tap on Delete to confirm.

6 Ways to Fix Instagram Stories Keep Repeating

Step 4: Go to the App Store and reinstall the Instagram app. Sign in again and check if Stories work.

Bonus: Why Instagram Shows Stories of the Same Person

Instagram utilizes machine learning to analyze user behavior and preferences, such as search history, profile interactions, and comments. This data is then utilized to determine which profiles users are most likely to interact with. Consequently, Instagram frequently suggests content from these profiles, including Stories, which can create the impression that Instagram consistently shows Stories from the same individual.

FAQs for Uploading Instagram Stories on Android and iOS

1. What to do if your Instagram story is not uploading?

If you’re having trouble uploading your Instagram Story, avoid adding stickers, GIFs, or music. Additionally, check your internet connection before retrying. For more troubleshooting fixes, see our article on fixing Instagram Story upload issues.

2. Can you add a link to your Instagram story?

To add links to your Instagram Stories, open the Story you want to upload and tap the Sticker icon. Then, select Link from the options and add the desired link. Tap Done to include the link in your Instagram Story.

Fix Instagram Stories Glitch

This article aims to fix the Instagram Stories loop error on Android and iOS devices. If you’ve been missing stories because of notification issues, read our guide on resolving Instagram Story notification problems.

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