5 Ways to Fix the Kindle Won’t Turn On Issue

5 Ways to Fix the Kindle Won’t Turn On Issue

Amazon’s Kindle is essentially an electronic device that runs on an operating system, connects to Wi-Fi, and uses a battery. Like all electronic devices, it can encounter occasional problems. Recently, our Kindle wouldn’t turn on. If you’re experiencing the same issue, you’re in the right place.

5 Ways to Fix the Kindle Won’t Turn On Issue

In this article, we’ll show you five ways to fix a Kindle that won’t turn on. Fixing the problem might seem tricky because you can’t access your Kindle’s operating system if it does not wake up. However, we’ve written easy-to-follow instructions. Before we get to these methods, let’s try to understand the problem better.

Why Is My Kindle Not Turning On

Here are some reasons why your Kindle reader is not turning on:

– The battery is fully drained.

– There is a software bug preventing it from turning on.

– You are using a faulty power adapter or cable to charge it.

– A corrupt file within the reader is causing the problem.

– The battery needs to be replaced.

However, there may be more reasons for the issue. While pinpointing the exact cause may be difficult, resolving it is relatively easy.

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How to Fix Kindle Not Waking Up

Here are five methods to wake your Kindle and restore its functionality.

1. Charge Your Kindle

The most likely reason your Kindle is not turning on is that its battery may have completely drained. Plug it into a power source and wait to see if it wakes up. If there is no change, leave it plugged in overnight or for 24 hours.

2. Check Kindle Charging Cable and Adapter

If the previous method did not yield results, you may be using a faulty charger to charge your Kindle. Use a legitimate charging cable and power adapter and check for visible damage.

5 Ways to Fix the Kindle Won’t Turn On Issue

Try plugging it into a different wall outlet. The wall outlet may be damaged, so try this to see if the fault is with peripherals and not the Kindle itself.

3. Force Restart Kindle

If there’s a software bug or a corrupted file causing the issue, force rebooting your Kindle reader will help. Press and hold the power button to reboot your Kindle. Once the screen is turned on and the device is working properly, update to the latest software version. An available update may fix the bugs that caused the issue.

5 Ways to Fix the Kindle Won’t Turn On Issue

4. Use a Laptop to Charge Kindle

If your Kindle doesn’t turn on, try connecting it to a PC or Mac using the USB cable. This might help the computer detect your Kindle and wake it up. If this works, wait until it fully charges. If none of these solutions work, use your warranty and have experts examine your Kindle.

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5. Contact Amazon Customer Support

Amazon’s support team can help you with the issue. If the battery’s health has deteriorated and reached its end of life, Amazon can replace it. If the device is under warranty, you may not have to pay any charges.

Additionally, they have the necessary tools to diagnose, troubleshoot, and restore your Kindle. Check our guide to contact Amazon Support and make sure to use the Amazon account you used to order the tablet.

5 Ways to Fix the Kindle Won’t Turn On Issue

Here’s everything you need to know on fixing a Kindle that won’t turn on. For further questions, refer to the FAQ section below.

FAQs on Kindle Not Turning On

1. Can I update my Kindle using a PC or Mac?

No. You can only send the update file from a computer to your Kindle. However, the system update must be done within the Kindle reader.

2. How much does battery replacement cost for a Kindle?

Battery replacement for your Kindle may cost between $20 and $50.

3. How long does a Kindle last?

A Kindle can last five to six years if well-maintained.

Revive Your Kindle

We hope this article helps you revive your Kindle. Don’t worry, your purchased books won’t be affected by this problem. They’re always stored in Amazon’s cloud library. Additionally, if you can restore your Kindle by plugging it in, no content will be lost.

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