4 Ways to Fix a Frozen Kindle Screen

4 Ways to Fix a Frozen Kindle Screen

An electronic book reader, specifically the Amazon Kindle, has merits and advantages. However, it is a machine and there’s a possibility of a breakdown. If you’re experiencing a frozen screen on your Kindle reader, don’t worry. We’ll show you how to fix it.

4 Ways to Fix a Frozen Kindle Screen

In this article, we will show you how to fix the problem and get back to reading books on your Kindle reader. But first, let us understand the source of the problem.

Why Is My Kindle Reader Frozen

Your Kindle reader may freeze due to low battery, system bugs, corrupted files, overloaded memory, or hardware issues. Low battery can cause freezing if the device doesn’t have enough power to refresh the display. System bugs and glitches can also lead to freezing. Specific ebooks or documents can cause the screen to freeze. Older Kindle models with inadequate memory may freeze due to excess background activities. Damaged hardware can also cause freezing.

How to Fix a Frozen Kindle Screen

Here are a few methods to revive your Kindle reader:

1. Force Restart Kindle

If a software bug or a corrupted file is causing the issue, force rebooting your Kindle reader will help. Simply press and hold the power button (for 30-40 seconds) and select Restart from the pop-up to soft reset your Kindle reader.

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Once the screen is turned on and the device is working properly, update the Kindle software to the latest version to fix any bugs.

4 Ways to Fix a Frozen Kindle Screen

2. Charge Your Kindle

The most likely reason your Kindle is frozen or stuck on the lock screen is that its battery might have completely drained. Plug your Kindle into a power source and see if it wakes up after a while. If you don’t see any change, leave your Kindle plugged in overnight or for 24 hours.

If you’ve transferred books from third-party sources to your Kindle reader and some of them are corrupted, it can cause issues. However, books purchased from the official Kindle store won’t cause such problems since they’re optimized for the device.

Here’s how to connect your Kindle reader to a PC or Mac and delete books from third-party sources:

Step 1: Connect your Kindle reader to your PC or Mac using the USB cable.

Step 2: Open the Kindle folder on your PC.

Step 3: Tap on Documents.

4 Ways to Fix a Frozen Kindle Screen

Step 4: Display all your third-party books and delete recently added ones that may be causing your frozen Kindle screen.

4 Ways to Fix a Frozen Kindle Screen

If you’re having trouble connecting your Kindle reader, learn how to fix Kindle not showing up on Windows 11.

4. Contact Amazon Customer Support

Amazon’s support team will assist you with the issue. In the event of hardware deterioration, Amazon can replace faulty components in devices under warranty at no cost. Additionally, they have the necessary tools to diagnose, troubleshoot, and restore your Kindle. To contact Amazon Support, refer to our guide and use the Amazon account associated with the tablet order.

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4 Ways to Fix a Frozen Kindle Screen

If you have any more questions, check the FAQ section below.

FAQs on Kindle Reader Frozen

1. To prevent future screen freeze issues on my Kindle, keep the software updated and avoid adding books from third-party or unverified sources.

2. A Kindle reader will last 5-6 years if used carefully.

3. Unfortunately, there is no way to remotely reset your Kindle reader.

Read Books Without Hiccups

Your Kindle may have cutting-edge features, but if you prefer hard copies of books, you’re safe. This article helps you fix a frozen Kindle reader. If none of the suggested methods work, take your Kindle reader to Amazon’s customer support.

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