4 Best iPhone Apps to Fix Blurry Pictures

4 Best iPhone Apps to Fix Blurry Pictures

The cameras on Apple iPhones continually improve. Optical Image Stabilization ensures high-quality photos even in challenging conditions. Shaky hands and hand tremors often result in blurry images. However, blurry iPhone pictures can be disappointing and take up valuable storage space.

Fortunately, there are several apps available on iOS, iPadOS, and Android that can fix blurry pictures. Both amateur and professional photographers frequently utilize these apps to enhance the quality of their photos. Let’s get started.

Tips to Avoid Blurry Pictures on iPhone

To avoid blurry pictures on your iPhone, reshoot them. If that’s not possible, try using a gimbal with OIS support or rest your elbows on a surface for steady support. The iPhone 13 series and later models offer photography styles that help you achieve desired results without relying on third-party apps.

How Much Blur Can You Remove

Though powerful, mobile apps have limitations when it comes to removing blur from an image. Even if the image is shot in DNG or RAW format, it’s challenging to achieve optimal clarity. Therefore, it’s recommended to take multiple pictures with proper support or a gimbal for better results. If a picture is severely blurred and difficult to identify the subject, mobile apps won’t be able to fix it satisfactorily. While you can make slight adjustments to improve the image, it will never match the crispness of a properly taken photo.

The interface can be challenging at first, but you’ll get used to it. While most apps have a limited free version, you can unlock their full potential by upgrading. Additionally, take advantage of the various apertures and lenses available on your iPhone. These apps have been carefully selected and are ad-free, allowing you to focus on fixing blurry images.

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1. Snapseed

Snapseed is a top free app with powerful tools to adjust and perfect your pictures. Our first choice for optimizing your photos, it offers a variety of options and presets to fix errors and enhance their appearance. Let’s start by sharpening the focus and reducing blur in the original picture.

To begin, open the picture in Snapseed and tap on the Tools button, where you will find all the editing tools. Then, select the Details option.

4 Best iPhone Apps to Fix Blurry Pictures 4 Best iPhone Apps to Fix Blurry Pictures

To remove blur, there are two options: Structure and Sharpening. I suggest starting with Sharpening to enhance edges and details. Swipe your finger from left to right to increase sharpness. Then, tap the menu icon and select Structure to restore details.

4 Best iPhone Apps to Fix Blurry Pictures 4 Best iPhone Apps to Fix Blurry Pictures

Playing with these values will help you understand how they affect different aspects of the image. Once you’re satisfied, tap the checkmark button to save the changes. Compare both pictures side by side.

4 Best iPhone Apps to Fix Blurry Pictures 4 Best iPhone Apps to Fix Blurry Pictures

Facial features are prominent, and color has returned somewhat. Increase contrast to highlight features more.


To refine your writing and make it more concise and impactful, you can try the popular VSCO app for professional-grade photography tools. With VSCO, you can make quick macro changes, adjust settings like saturation and white balance, and use filters and presets that are easy to apply. Import any picture you want to unblur by tapping on the ‘+’ icon, and start editing by tapping the menu icon at the bottom.

4 Best iPhone Apps to Fix Blurry Pictures 4 Best iPhone Apps to Fix Blurry Pictures

Some photo editing apps, like VSCO, refer to Structure as Clarity. Scroll to find the Sharpen tool and adjust the slider to edit the picture.

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4 Best iPhone Apps to Fix Blurry Pictures 4 Best iPhone Apps to Fix Blurry Pictures

Tap on the checkmark icon and repeat the process using the Clarity tool. Additionally, increase the contrast and exposure to enhance clarity. Finally, adjust the Grain settings for a filtered look if desired, but be careful not to overdo it. Too much grain can make the photo appear dusty.

4 Best iPhone Apps to Fix Blurry Pictures

VSCO did a better job at unblurring the photos than Snapseed. It takes a few tries to get the levels right.

3. Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom is a go-to app for image editing as it offers manual control over colors and lighting. The free version has limited access to presets and editing features, so an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is recommended for optimal use.

In Lightroom, familiarize yourself with the technical terms for photo edits. Open the image in the app, go to the Effects tab, and choose Clarity. Use the Sharpening tool in the Detail tab.

4 Best iPhone Apps to Fix Blurry Pictures 4 Best iPhone Apps to Fix Blurry Pictures

Return to Effects and try Dehaze. It removes atmospheric haze from the image. Suitable for outdoor pictures to remove fog or pollution. It can also help with blurry pictures taken indoors.

4 Best iPhone Apps to Fix Blurry Pictures

To improve the clarity and conciseness of the text, you can revise it as follows:

“To enhance image quality, adjust the Radius settings to sharpen pixels and increase their sharpness. Additionally, brighten the picture by tweaking the Exposure setting.”

4. Prisma

Prisma is an AI-powered photo editor that simplifies picture editing. Let’s explore the app and its features. Once you open an image in Prisma, find the Sharpen tool and slide it to the right.

4 Best iPhone Apps to Fix Blurry Pictures 4 Best iPhone Apps to Fix Blurry Pictures

The structure and clarity tool in Prisma doesn’t exist, but I used the contrast tool slightly to emphasize the features and reduce excess brightness. Does it look better?

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4 Best iPhone Apps to Fix Blurry Pictures

Get Everything in Focus

Removing blur from pictures on an iPhone is easy. However, if your photo is as blurred as the example in this guide, don’t expect any of the apps to work miracles. They will, however, produce results good enough for collage making and sharing on social media.

If you frequently edit images on your iPhone and make minor adjustments, you may want to consider upgrading to the pro version of these apps. The best way to avoid blur is to use a tripod or some form of support when taking photos. If the picture is still blurry, you can try the aforementioned apps to fix the issue.

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