9 Best Ways for Fix Outlook Web Not Receiving Emails Error

9 Best Ways for Fix Outlook Web Not Receiving Emails Error

Knowing when your Outlook account isn’t receiving emails can be tricky. You may only realize it when someone asks if you got their email while you have the Outlook web app open. It can be awkward to admit that you didn’t see any new emails. This situation may be due to various reasons. While the issue could occur with other Outlook apps, we will concentrate on the web client at Outlook.com. The following solutions may also apply to other platforms.

1. Network Issues

There are many things that could go wrong on your end, such as Wi-Fi not working, slow internet speed, or connectivity issues. This guide cannot cover everything, so ensure you have an active internet connection or switch to mobile data. Follow the necessary routine of switching off and on. If that doesn’t fix the issue, address it first.

2. Refresh the Tab

Try it once if you haven’t already. It’s pretty basic but may work. The tab may not have reloaded or the push notification may have failed to trigger and update the inbox count. Refreshing the browser tab may help update the inbox.

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3. Sorting Emails

Did you check the Other tab? Maybe the email is there. Another thing you can do is sort the emails to find out where that missing email went. Maybe you received the email, but it got buried under all the other emails you received. Click the Filter button on the right to sort emails by date, time, unread, and more. The options are self-explanatory and useful during times like these.

4. Outlook Outage

This happens frequently. We suggest checking Outlook’s service status on sites like Down Detector, which monitors various popular services worldwide and keeps a log of server outages.

5. Junk Folder

Outlook may have filtered the email to the Junk folder. If you find the email there, you must do two things: move it to the inbox or another folder of your choice, and right-click on the email to mark it as not junk. This will tell Outlook what to do next time an email from that address arrives. Also, whitelist the email ID to ensure this never happens again. You can do this under Settings > Outlook Settings > Email > Junk email > Safe senders and domains. Click on Add to add the email address and save changes. You can whitelist mailing list IDs below this option.

You can add the email ID to your Safe Senders list from inside the email itself. The option can be found under the three-dot menu icon on the right.

6. Outlook Rules

Do you have an Outlook rule? Rules in Outlook allow you to decide what to do with incoming emails by setting conditions. When these conditions are met, emails can be moved, sorted, filtered, or marked automatically.

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To find Rules, go to Settings > Outlook Settings > Email > Rules.

There are no rules set for my account, but you may have different settings. Check the rules to see if any conditions have changed the email’s destination or fate.

Click on the Edit button (pencil icon) on the left side of the rule to view its actions.

7. Clear Browser Cache

Browser cache helps load sites faster. They save time and make lives easier. But sometimes, they can cause issues like the one you’re facing now where Outlook web doesn’t receive emails. Regardless of the browser you’re using, you can clear cache data in the settings. Note that this will sign you out of all open apps and services in that browser, affecting all open tabs and windows. So save all pending work before proceeding.

8. Outlook Account Blocked

If you can’t send or receive emails, your account may be blocked due to unusual sign-in activities. You can unblock it easily.

9. Over 20 Connected Accounts

You can’t add more than 20 email IDs to your Outlook.com account. If you do, you won’t receive emails in any of them. Remove some and wait a few minutes for the sync to work.

Look Out

The Outlook Web is well-designed, especially when compared to the UI of the Windows desktop app. It might surprise Windows users to know that things look entirely different on Mac. Anyway, I hope your problem is fixed and that you are receiving emails normally now. Let us know if you have any feedback or if you found another way to fix the issue.

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